Sunday, February 17, 2013

Yossi Sarid Goes Anti-Semitic

Following the op-ed in Haaretz, As transparent as Sara's dress, in which Yossi Sarid wrote

They call themselves friends of Israel, but a small group of powerful American Jews are making a mockery of democracy on Capitol Hill and our own hill.

If I were an American legislator, the seed of anti-Semitism would sprout inside of me. Let your eyes be the witnesses: A small and aggressive group of Jews is attempting to take control of Washington using the power of their money. Congressmen who do not bend to their will are marked for elimination. Some have lost their jobs after being unwilling to compete for the prize money, refusing to dance to the piper's tune on some distant hill – the one that is not Capitol Hill.

Ben-Dror Yemini writes on

Yossi Sarid's anti-Semitism ..

So Yossi Sarid. So a far-left site in Israel. They provide justifications for anti-Semitism. They understand it. They explain it. Read and believe.

There is something frustrating really need to refute claims of antisemitism. But there is no escape. Well, Yossi Sarid knows, just like anti-Semites, most American Jewish elites are critical of Israel...Peter Beinert...Tom Friedman...just like anti-Semites, on U.S. campuses loaded with Jewish professors, not just Noam Chomsky and Norman Finkelstein, closer to Azmi Bishara than Netanyahu. Sarid knows, like anti-Semites, not just the elites. Most Jews hold liberal positions. They voted for Obama...

...We must not forget the facts themselves. Jewish establishment, this one supports Israel, like AIPAC, distanced himself from the discussion, according to the official policy of "non-intervention presidential appointments." Jewish right, however, complained about the silence of AIPAC. That is, the vast majority of Jews, including the Jewish establishment and AIPAC were not involved in the opposition to the appointment., But also anti-Semites and remains must lie, and make the Jewish establishment long octopus - tentacles...And if the dangerous slope deteriorating - so to the end. Therefore, a relic goes on to argue that visiting Obama is a "trap". Certainly. After all these Jews, belonging octopus of the Elders of Zion, drop hooked the world leaders. Now it's Obama. Therefore, he recommends him to stay home. Surely he knows what he's doing. So remnant enlisted to save him from the horrors of the Jewish octopus surround it on all sides and disrupt the mind.

It turns out that there is no need for the sites of the "ZOG" to spread modern blood libels the Jewish octopus. Yossi Sarid, through newspaper "Haaretz", making it perfectly himself.


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Alan said...

They are "American Jewish elites" if and only if you keep mentioning them. Believe me, not many gentiles are interested in them. Much less paying real money to buy their turgid books. The gentiles are busy buying ESPN subscriptions, Y. Maybe they ==do== have more common sense than you. How many gentiles does Y.Medad even ==know==?

Y.Medad has a big "KICK ME, I'm still hung up on galut yiddishkeit" sign on his backside. No wonder the LimousineLiberal Jews find him an easy target!!