Monday, February 11, 2013

Internationalists To Be Expelled?

Finally, some action:

Two activists from ISM (International Solidarity Movement) were arrested at the Canaan protest village and are now facing deportation proceedings...[after]two attempts by Palestinian activists to establish a new camp village near Yata in the Southern Hebron Hills, protesting Israel’s illegal settlement policy. The outpost, named “Canaan Village”, is the fifth in a series of protest encampments that was launched with the establishment of Bab Al-Shams last month. The aim of these tent villages is to confirm Palestinian ownership of the land through concrete actions and to protest against Israel’s illegal settlements by mirroring its strategy of “creating facts on the ground”. Very early on Saturday morning, around 30 activists were interrupted in their attempt to set up tents near Karmel...


ISM activist on huger strike!
Dave and Marco are being held in Givon prison and are expecting deportation.  One of them, Marco Di Renzo (54), has decided to start a hunger strike from tonight in solidarity with Palestinian political prisoners and to protest against his illegitimate deportation. He will also stop taking his blood pressure medication, which is life threatening for the condition he lives with, Thyroidectomy.


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