Thursday, February 28, 2013

EU Is Pro-Finality Settlement

No.  Not "settlements" of the Jewish variety, in Judea and Samaria.

Especially after the vicious report the local consuls leaked (here), which drew this comment:

“Israel's settlement campaign is the single most significant threat to the two-state solution, and now is the time to exercise the political will that is required to hold Israel accountable before any and all chances for peace are destroyed,” Dr [Hanan] Ashrawi said.

But the EU does have something called:

Settlement Finality

What is it?

The Settlement Finality Directive adopted in May 1998 is aimed at reducing the systemic risk associated with participation in payment and securities settlement systems, and in particular the risk linked to the insolvency of a participant in such a system. The Directive applies to payment and securities settlement systems as well as any participant in such a system, and to collateral security provided in connection with the participation in a system, or operations of the central banks of the Member States in their functions as central banks  (and here).

Well, that does have something to do with Jewish communities in Yesha.

We provide security and our participatory functions include assuring the Zionist realization in the Jewish homeland.

And we do seek finality - no Arab terror, no Arab inventivity, no Arab identity theft.


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