Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Damn Communists

How one British Lord viewed the post-Holocaust reality:

But there is another aspect of the question, and that is the ships which convey Jews illegally to Palestine. These ships come from a port in a friendly country, a country with whom we have a treaty of friendship. These ships were allowed to leave, and I would like to ask His Majesty's Government whether we were informed that these Jews were boarding the ships, and if so, why did the French Government allow it to go? I should also like to ask whether representations have been made on this matter through our Ambassador in Paris. We are told that 4,000 Jews were illegally travelling on one ship to Palestine, and of course there are other ships. Who is paying for this? We are paying a considerable sum of money for our troops in Palestine. Are we to bear the whole burden of the extra cost caused by these ships?
The Under-Secretary of State in his reply yesterday said: "I think the French Government are feeding them." After four weeks, the Under-Secretary of State for the Colonies does not know what is happening to these Jews. Surely we can have a definite answer as to what is happening and who is paying for these ships and for the feeding of these Jews? As they came from France, I should have thought France would have paid her share. Why should the cost fall on this country? So with Italy. Exactly the same thing happened there prior to this incident; a ship tried to get into Palestine but eventually the people were transferred from it to Cyprus. Were there no means of acting through our Ambassador to Italy? After all, we have done a great deal for that country. On the other hand, in the case of a Swedish ship in a Swedish port, I understand that we made representations to stop that ship leaving that port to go and pick up illegal Jews. If it can be done there, why can it not be done with France and Italy?

Can the noble Viscount when he replies tell us whether these illegally-travelling people—I am very sorry for them; they have had an awful time in Central Europe—are being financed by the Communists? If they are being financed by the Communists, the country should be told, and we should know then how to deal with this matter. But there is a complete silence. I am proud to say that I have amongst my friends a considerable number of Jews; I mean that with all sincerity. They subscribe to the fund in this country which, very properly, has been in existence for many years, to help their kith and kin in Central Europe. Two of those prominent Jews said to me the other day, "I wonder where this money really goes?" I am not making any insinuation against the Association, but do the Government know, as I am sure they must know because there is this Treasury ban on money, where this money is going, whether it is really getting into the right hands to help the Jews who are allowed to be sent to Palestine or whether it is getting into the hands of Communists who are using it deliberately to stab England in the back?
That was Viscount Long on August 13, 1947.


NormanF said...

The Czechs did supply Israel with arms and there wasn't much patience in Prague for British complaints - the same country that sold them out a decade earlier for "peace in our time." No wonder the British were frustrated in 1947.

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