Friday, February 08, 2013

Sperm Smuggling - Pals. New Way of Standing Firm

This is amazing:

Palestinian Describes Plan to Smuggle Sperm From Jails

A Palestinian fertility doctor said he is helping 50 women to become pregnant by smuggling their husbands' sperm out of Israeli prisons.

I know there is something called tsumud, standing firm, as in

...Hamas doctrine, known in the Arab world as tsumud” (persistence,) received some encouragement from Hizbullah leader Nasrallah, who provided the Gaza group with practical advice based on his wealth of experience. “Should Gaza stand firm for days or weeks, the aggression will stop,”...

or persistence or of the mode of "we will never let go".

I will avoid any double entendres connected to tunnels.

Full Story, in NYTimes.



J.Clifford said...

Behave yourself!

YMedad said...

not one rude word there.