Friday, February 08, 2013

Follow the Egged Bus Route Map (if you can)

I am in Jerusalem today for the Menachem Begin Run sponsored by the Mnachem Begin Heritage Center.

Just to be sure of my return bus home schedule to Shiloh (the bus to Jerusalem left at 6:24 this morning), I checked the times.  I have one at 12, 12:40 and 13:20 and at 14.  Then I saw you can click on a map.

So I did.

Here it is:

No Jewish communities noted, not to mention no Hebrew names.

Odd, no?

And if you click on one of the stops, you get this of the Shiloh Junction at Highway 60 (where actually there is no stop):-

or this of up the hill but no stop is marked off at the community's entrance:

I think they could do with a better map, no?
In case you require the info:
Main Public Enquiries Department, Fax - 03-9142237
Jerusalem, Fax -  02-5304962


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