Friday, February 15, 2013

Arabs Killing Themselves


Medical officials said Thursday that a young boy died two days after an explosion in the al-Sheikh Radwan area in the northern Gaza Strip.
Imad Abu Qadrous, 5, died of severe head wounds and three others sustained injuries in the blast...Imad’s brother Younis lost his arm due to the explosion.
Also Thursday, three other children were wounded in an explosion of a suspicious device in Beit Hanoun north of the Gaza Strip, apparently from Israeli remnants, the medics said.
Abdel Kareem Abu Odeh, 6, Amer Abu Odeh, 4, and Duha Abu Odeh, 4 were wounded and transferred to Beit Hanoun hospital for treatment, officials said.

Well, it isn't necessarily "apparent" whose device was at fault.

But in any case, children should be taught not to play with strange-looking things.  We do that in Israel. 

On roads in Yesha we even have signs to warn against throwers of molotov cocktails:



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