Sunday, February 17, 2013

Pal. Paean to Violence

If you haven't been reading the Low-Intensity Conflict reports I post from Yehudit Tayar, maybe you'll read the Pals.:-

the “Pillar of Defense”...operation gave the Palestinian organizations in the West Bank impetus to take part in the war effort by either hurling rocks, Molotov cocktails, or sometimes shooting at settler cars at an unprecedented frequency. The army estimated that there was a 300% rise in the number of attacks.

These numbers confirm the fact that Palestinian factions have adopted new and improved tactics to target Israeli soldiers and settlers in the West Bank, assisted perhaps by their possession of the necessary equipment and arms — albeit in small quantities — to carry out such attacks.

The prevailing kind of armed operations in the West Bank lately comes in the form of gunfire targeting the occupation’s military forces and sites, in addition to settlers and their vehicles. This tactic does not require a lot of planning or effort, in comparison to other forms of operations, such as suicide attacks, storming settlements or planting explosive devices, the success of which necessitates added and adequate precision and planning.

The throwing of rocks and Molotov cocktails occurs on a near daily and increasing basis compared to other means and tactics. Israeli and Palestinian statistics note a marked increase in the total number of shooting attacks against military and settlement targets.

Palestinian attacks are conducted against a variety of Israeli targets in the West Bank, such as gunfire aimed at settlements, military outposts or towers, military convoys, army or settler vehicles, and any Israeli target within reach of the armed Palestinian factions...Any armed Palestinian wanting to oppose the occupiers can take part in such attacks and pounce on any Israeli target, be it military or settler related, with a minimum amount of logistical or operational complications that are normally part of most organized armed activities.

...While suicide bomb attacks necessitate teamwork and expertise, a Molotov cocktail or shooting attack is much easier to execute. These types of cells specializing in ambushes and sniper attacks are exactly what Israel fears, because they carefully pick their targets, and their expertise and capabilities signal an increased level of military competence.

All the operations undertaken in the West Bank during the last months required a good measure of surveillance, preparation and local support, ensuring stealthiness and effective execution. Not to mention that these types of operations drain the Israeli military machine!

In addition, the Palestinians believe that solely targeting settlers and soldiers in the West Bank deprives Israel from any moral excuses to paint the Palestinian resistance as being indiscriminate...The situation on the ground has proven that no measure of electronic surveillance, night vision, elaborate walls and guard towers is enough to deter a lone Palestinian gunman armed with a rifle.


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