Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Anat Hoffman Supports Jews Praying on Temple Mount

Anat Hoffman supports Jewish prayer on the Temple Mount, for women, that is:-

How far does this go? In the same way that you are promoting women’s worship at the Wall, can you identify with and support, say, Moshe Feiglin and the others who visit the Temple Mount?
Feiglin and I are in the same business of freedom of conscience and freedom of worship. That’s all we have in common. But you know what? If all this gets sorted out and Jews will be allowed to pray on the Temple Mount, I will fight along with Feiglin for the right of women to pray on the Temple Mount.

A radical feminist - all the way!


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Anonymous said...

Ms. Hoffman proves, once again, that she is a coward and a provocateur. She is only interested in praying on the Temple Mount once men have made is safe for delicate ladies like her to go up there. And once she can offend people by forcing people to watch her praying HER way.