Monday, February 25, 2013

What Did Farrakhan Say Yesterday?

We were tantalized:

Farrakhan touched briefly on other topics — Israel, Obama's cabinet and healthier food consumption — but mostly reiterated teachings from the Chicago-based movement on a plan for blacks' economic recovery and said the biggest priority should be the purchase of land.

What is his thinking?

The local paper had nothing. Yep, really.

In 2010:

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan June 26...using the words of his teacher, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, biblical prophecy and an analysis of historical data to solve the mystery and declare: The prophetic children of Israel are not living in the modern Jewish state in the Middle East but are, in fact, the Black man and woman of America.

...The Nation of Islam minister explained how scriptural references were used to frame and create social and political reality as Zionist thinkers and leaders justified and carved out the modern Jewish state. He uncovered the long history of Black-Jewish relations and Jewish connections with control of Blacks and their impact on Black progress—and the lack of Black progress from slavery and the days of King Cotton centuries ago to control of entertainers and athletes today.

February 3, 2013:

To my dear Christian friends, brothers and sisters, and you that think that those who refer to themselves as “Jews” are the real “Children of Israel”: No! You have made a theological “mistake.” And some of you have made a theological error, because you know The Truth, but yet you consider your wickedness in promoting a Deceptive Lie. The True “Children of Israel” are the Black man and woman of America! It is we whom the scriptures are referring to, that if you do good by us, God will do good by you! But look at what you have done, are doing, and are planning to do by a People that God has chosen and taken to Himself…

So, what did he say yesterday?

Was it anti-Semitic?  Anti-Zionist?

What are Black Muslims being told?



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