Monday, February 25, 2013

What Are They Complaining About?

This picture was a "hit" this past week

Electronic Intifada moved it well.

And it reminds me of the incident when then Prime Minister Menachem Begin received Eli Geva who complained - and eventually resigned his post - about the campaign in Lebanon in 1982 :

Colonel Geva rocked Israel this week when word of his request for a transfer was leaked. It set off an anguished debate in the Knesset (parliament) and in the top echelons of the armed forces, and it's discussed in virtually every home. Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin personally tried to persuade the colonel to change his mind.

Wednesday Mr. Begin described their meeting to the Knesset. For 45 minutes, he said, Geva explained to him why he opposed sending the Army into west Beirut, where Israel is besieging 5,000 Palestinian fighters. He quoted Geva as saying that when he peered down into Beirut through binoculars he saw children and said their conversation continued like this:

Begin: ''Did you receive an order to kill children?''

Geva: ''No.''

Begin: ''Then what are you complaining about?''

The picture is nothing more than a picture.  The child was not shot.


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