Monday, May 13, 2019

The Qatari Solution to the Gaza Problem

Qatar keeps dumping money on Gaza. Some $30 million today and $1 billion over the past few years.

I have an alternative suggestion.

Qatar is 11,581 square kilometers in area.

Gaza is 365 square kilometers in area.

Qatar's population is about 2,650,000.

Gaza's population is almost 2,000,000.

It's obvious.

Why send Qatar money to Gaza?

Send Gazans to Qatar.

More than enough room.

Okay, there may be citizenship problems but it's no big deal to be a citizen of Gaza either.



The Palestinian Authority Manual of Style contends:

"settlers 'storm' the Temple Mount"


"police 'raid' holy sites"


WAFA: Israeli police raiding Muslim holy site in Jerusalem – Raid by Israeli police of Al-Aqsa Mosque, Islam’s third holiest site located in Jerusalem’s Old City, late last night to remove all Muslim worshippers from inside it was highlight on the front page of the three Palestinian Arabic dailies today.
The papers said the police used force to remove the worshippers who usually keep an all-night worship vigil inside the Mosque compound during the holy fast month of Ramadan. This is the second day in a row police force remove worshippers from the Mosque.

The real reason they are there is to barricade themselves in, store up rocks, fireworks and molotov firebombs and in the morning cause mayhem and damage.

They do not "celebrate" Ramadan.

They exploit it for violence.

Friday, May 03, 2019

The Economic Aspect of the Irgun and Lechi Resistance

Quite plain:


Okay, So Exactly What Did Kushner Say?

Which version of the news do you believe/trust?


Jared Kushner calls on Israel to hold off on annexing West Bank settlements

Israelis and Palestinians should avoid any moves until US peace plan is revealed, White House adviser says    


Kushner hopes Israel will look at peace plan before any West Bank moves

“I hope both sides will take a real look at it, the Israeli side and the Palestinian side, before any unilateral steps are made,” Kushner said, adding he had not discussed the issue of settlement annexation with Netanyahu.


Israel annexing West Bank settlements when New Israeli government is formed

Kushner says US will discuss possibility of Israel annexing West Bank settlements when new Israeli government is formed


Something in Yiddish

From my researching (and in preparation for an article), here is a quotation from Raphael Abramovich's autobiography, In Two Revolutions, in Yiddish 

The translation is from Joseph Nedava:

"In one of my speaking appearances, I think, in Karlsruhe or Stuttgart, I had a remarkable opponent: a young man with a rounded head, a noticeably protruding chin, and a big expressive 'actor's' mouth. None of my Bundist friends knew who he was: they just knew that he was a Zionist who was reputedly a good speaker. But when that young Zionist began to speak,— and he commenced with a wonderful quote from the prophet Amos, — the whole crowd turned to him, for they sensed in him an unusual oratorical power. And the first one to admire him was I myself, the lecturer, whom he opposed... Only later was I informed that the young Zionist was Vladimir Jabotinsky. A year and a half later [1905] I encountered him in a series of debates in [St.] Petersburg".


Wednesday, May 01, 2019

"Palestine" as Part of Syria

From the Anglo-American Committee of Inquiry Report of 1946:

As early as 1920, Palestine Arab opposition to Zionism and desire for self-government led to a threat to public security. Propaganda for union with an independent Syria led in April of that year to three days of rioting in Jerusalem, in which Arab mobs fell upon Jews with sticks, stones and knives. 

Note: not "Palestinian Arab" aka Arabs of a Palestine nationality but Arabs of Palestine.