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Improving A Demographic Instagram

You've seen this?

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Well, don't forget the ethnic cleansing of Jews in Yesha 1920-1948.

Jews lived in Hebron, Nablus, Gaza. Jerusalem's Old City, Kfar Shiloach, Atarot, Neveh Yaakov, Bet HaAravah, Kfar Etzion, Ein Tzurim, Revadim, Masu'ot Yitzhak, and other locations from where they were expelled after undergoing a period of rioters and pogroms and terror for the 30 years of the British Mandate. Some families were residing there for centuries.

I do know that upwards of 17,000 Jews were considered refugees after 1948 for a few years and aided by UNRWA. How many were in those areas and had left earlier, after the 1920, 1921, 1929 and 1936-1939 riots, is a daunting accounting task.

In any case, between 1948 and 1967, the number of Jews living in Judea, Samaria and Gaza was ... 0. Zero.

Oh. and by the way:

Statistics published in the Palestine Royal Commission Report (p. 279) indicate a remarkable phenomenon: Palestine, traditionally a country of Arab emigration, became after World War I a country of Arab immigration. In addition to recorded figures for 1920-36, the Report devotes a special section to illegal Arab immigration. While there are no precise totals on the extent of Arab immigration between the two World Wars, estimates vary between 60,000 and 100,000. The principal cause of the change of direction was Jewish development, which created new and attractive work opportunities and, in general, a standard of living previously unknown in the Middle East. Another major factor in the rapid growth of the Arab population was, of course, the rate of natural increase, among the highest in the world. This was accentuated by the steady reduction of the previously high infant mortality rate as a result of the improved health and sanitary conditions introduced by the Jews. Altogether, the non-Jewish element in Palestine's population (not including Bedouin) expanded between 1922 and 1929 alone by more than 75 per cent.


They Found A Podium?

I received this notice:

A unique stepped structure exposed on the street ascending from the Siloam Pool to the Temple Mount raises questions among researchers at the Israel Antiquities Authority
An intriguing find consisting of an impressive pyramid-shaped staircase constructed of large ashlar stones was uncovered in an archaeological excavation currently conducted by the Israel Antiquities Authority. The excavation is located in the Jerusalem Walls National Park in the City of David, site of ancient Jerusalem...It was constructed sometime in the fourth decade of the first century CE, and was one of the largest construction projects undertaken in Jerusalem during the Second Temple period. Dozens of whole pottery vessels, stone vessels and glassware were found at the foot of the pyramid-shaped staircase.

According to archaeologists Nahshon Szanton and Dr. Joe Uziel, who direct of the excavation on behalf of the Israel Antiquities Authority, "The structure exposed is unique. To date such a structure has yet to be found along the stepped street in the numerous excavations that have taken place in Jerusalem and to the best of our knowledge outside of it. For this reason, its exact use remains enigmatic. The structure is built along the street in a place that is clearly visible from afar by passers-by making their way to the Temple. We believe the structure was a kind of monumental podium that attracted the public’s attention when walking on the city’s main street...

We know from rabbinic sources there were “stones” that were used for public purposes during the Second Temple period. For example, one source cites the “auction block” in connection with the street: “[a master] will not set up a market stand and put them (slaves) on the auction block” (Sifra, BeHar 6). In the Mishnah and Talmud the “Stone of Claims” is mentioned as a place that existed in Jerusalem during the Second Temple period

Coin from the period of the Great Revolt against the Romans, discovered in the destruction layer atop the street from the Second Temple period. 
Photos: Carla Amit, courtesy of the Israel Antiquities Authority.

On Thursday (3.9), at the City of David Studies of Ancient Jerusalem’s 16th Annual Conference that will be open to the public, Nahshon Szanton and Dr. Joe Uziel will present their findings


The Problem With the Media

I think I have found an excellent example of the problem with some media people.

Here is an extract from the script of the movie Showtime.

Rene Russo plays a television show host who wants to turn police work into a reality. She comes to her producer, Peter Jacobson, and throws the newspaper down before him to get him to see what she is talking about which is a policeman, Robert De Niro, who shot a video camera that was in his way:

Russo: I have the show to pull your network from the ratings toilet.

Jacobson: You can do public executions?

Russo: Meet Mitch Preston.

Jacobson: You know I don't read.

Russo: Look at the pictures.

He doesn't read?

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Yachad, Together with 'Palestine'

You can read Yachad UK letter to Prime Minister David Cameron, Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond, and Middle East Minister Tobias Ellwood and cringe.

Yachad is a spin-off combo replication of Peace Now, B'tselem and J Street.

At a Limmud session almost two years ago, I so upset Yachad's head, Hannah Weisfeld, at a presentation entitled "Apartheid Roads and Other Lies You're Told" that she participated with two others in a barracking maneuver (but got very upset the next day when I, alone, tried to put questions to her, claiming I was getting verbally violent towards her).

Be that as it may, their letter is really something of which that the League of Trembling Israelites would be proud.

Some of its content and my comments.

Dear Prime Minister Cameron, Foreign Secretary Hammond, and Middle East Minister Ellwood,

As British Jews who feel a profound and abiding connection to Israel, we are deeply troubled by the lack of progress [which is caused by who?] towards a negotiated political resolution to the conflict with the Palestinians. The situation in Israel and the West Bank is becoming tenser by the day for both Israelis and Palestinians [perhaps, but if Arabs wouldn't employ violence and terror, things wouldn't be that tense]. We agree with many senior Israeli security officials, former chiefs of staff of the IDF, former heads of the Shin Bet and Mossad, that the only way to ensure Israel’s long-term security is through the creation of a viable, independent Palestinian state alongside a safe and secure Israel [the only thing that such a state would do is create yet another repressive Islamic regime that denies human rights to its own residents and will continue the anti-Zionist terror they started back in 1920].

We are increasingly concerned that Israel is moving further away [Israel isn't moving; the Pals are] from a resolution to the conflict. Without a resolution to the conflict, not only is Israel’s long term-security undermined, but also the democratic and Jewish values that we hold so dear, embodied within the State of Israel, become seriously eroded [they are not. Israel has made great strides in this area since the 1950s and its democratic fabric is vibrant and robust and an outstanding example]. This risks creating a chasm between Israel and Diaspora Jewish communities.

Whilst any long-term peace requires both parties to make concessions and negotiate, we believe Israel is in a position to take steps [no, it behooves the Pals., who initiated all the violence both in the 2000 intifada, and the Gaza operations, to initiate] that could have a positive impact on not just another round of negotiations, but make the possibility of an agreement more likely. We are worried that moves such as the recent announcement of approval for 300 new homes in the West Bank settlement of Beit El, and 500 new homes in East Jerusalem [so, they are anti-united Jerusalem], are a further step away from peace.

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is due to visit London in early September. During your meetings with Prime Minister Netanyahu, as our elected representatives, we urge you to share our concerns with Mr Netanyahu and to ask him to demonstrate the Israeli government’s commitment to a peaceful resolution to the conflict [which he has consistently done. placing the onus on him is not only unfair but invidious]. We believe it is essential that the Prime Minister of Israel understands that our concerns about Israel’s conduct are not motivated by attempts to delegitimise Israel, but by a sincere and genuine concern for Israel’s security and democratic values, and by a desire to see Israel as a respected member of the comity of nations [doesn't read that way].

Yours Sincerely,


Running Away to Shiloh

One is always amazed at the coincidence of events and names:

That's Shiloh, Illinois.  In the south-west portion of the state, close by St. Louis.
The story:

Shiloh resident Donna Meyers lived on the east side of New Orleans in 2005 when Katrina started to brew. Meyers’ husband, Kirkwood, a deep sea fisherman, was familiar with the way weather worked in the Gulf of Mexico. And he didn’t like what he saw...“But my husband was watching the water temperatures and the direction of the storm. He said that it wasn’t going to be good and we needed to get out of there.” Meyers and her kids, her mother, her mother-in-law and a menagerie of family pets piled into her sport utility vehicle and headed north.

Don't Feel Sorry for 'Youngsters'

The big story in Israel is the swarming attack on a lone Israeli soldier (why his buddies left him to deal with the situation by himself, I do not know. perhaps he was more motivated and got out too much in front).

But the little poor kid was throwing stones.  When I was growing up, a nightstick whack was expected for violent acts like that.

In any case, there's a new 17-year old story, one Ali Shukri Amin, Sudanese born.

What did he do?

He was

was sentenced to 11 years in prison Friday for conspiring to assist the Islamic State (ISIL), which the US has declared a terror group. Among other allegations, Ali Shukri Amin was charged for assisting ISIL via blog and Twitter posts about encryption and Bitcoin...founded the @amreekiwitness Twitter handle a year ago, garnering more than 4,000 followers and tweeting more than 7,000 times. Last year, the authorities said, he tweeted on the now-defunct Twitter handle about how jihadists could use Bitcoin "to fund their efforts."

Don't feel sorry for youngsters.

P.S.  Like the Nebi Tzalah kid.


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What's the Right of Eminent Domain?

This, for example, eminent domain:-

PHOENIX (KPHO/KTVK) - Crews began demolishing the first of hundreds of Ahwatukee Foothills homes in the path of the new South Mountain Freeway Thursday morning...near 24th Street and Pecos.  Most had no choice but to leave, but despite the arrival of bulldozers, a few homeowners say they still aren't moving.

For more than 20 years, the Arizona Department of Transportation has been acquiring the right of way for the South Mountain Freeway, including homes and businesses that could be in the way.
Some people who live in these neighborhoods have repeatedly tried to stop the project from going forward.  Nearly 200 vacant properties currently owned by the state will be cleared from the area in advance of freeway construction, which is scheduled to start next summer.


One Comes Across Shiloh in Strange Places

Like in England:

The Panacea Society are followers of a 19th-century 'prophetess', Joanna Southcott, who wrote more than 60 books of religious thoughts. She claimed to be pregnant with a messenger from God called Shiloh, and thousands of believers awaited the birth. Most melted away when it was announced that Shiloh had been taken up to Heaven immediately on being born. It was a phantom pregnancy. Before Southcott died, she said the secrets of eternal peace and contentment had been left in a sealed coffer until 21 bishops of the Church of England should open it, at which point Christ would return to earth and bring perpetual peace.  She still had some supporters, and after the first world war the Panacea Society enjoyed a resurgence.Believers moved to Bedford where they bought a number of houses in the town centre. (Frank Branston, Bedfordshire on Sunday, Bedford)...///...The Panacea Society in Bedford is a schism group formed in 1920, and is regarded with suspicion by `purist' Southcottians. Joanna died apparently in childbirth, but no child appeared. Disciples claimed that she had given birth to a spiritual child, named Shiloh; modern-day Southcottians believe Shiloh has returned and is occupying the body of Prince William. My book, Satan's Mistress, tells the story of this extraordinary woman. (Val Lewis, Shepperton, Surrey)...


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But What About The Jews There?

But do they maintain relations with the Jewish residents therein those "territories"?

British Consulate-General Jerusalem

Location: The Occupied Palestinian Territories
Part of: Foreign & Commonwealth Office

We develop and maintain relations between the United Kingdom and the Palestinian Territories. We deal with a wide range of political, commercial, security and economic questions of interest to the UK and the Palestinian Territories.

The consulate in Jerusalem and its office in Gaza provide consular assistance to British nationals in Jerusalem, West Bank and Gaza.

Like they do with these summer camp participants?

Has the C-G come to ask us if we really are the "Settlers [who] have cut olive trees near the village of Turmus'ayya"?

Has he visited Jewish women as he has done with Arab ones?

Has he inquired as to the state of Jewish rights on the Temple Mount while there?


Shiloh in Ancient Maps

From this great new site:





Between you and I, great cartography graphics and so much Jewish heritage in place names but I really think the geography could have been very much improved.


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Helping Jewish Souls or Harming Jewish Bodies

JewishIsrael is upset with Laurie Cardoza-Moore.

LC-M has made an amazing pro-Yesha film (the trailer) and I was present at its screening which does not use any missionary or proselytizing themes.  She's making another, an anti-BDS documentary (and I was interviewed for it).  She has initiated successful moves in state legislatures to fight BDS.  But she is Christian and that really upsets the JI people.

So, why is JI now upset about these pro-Israel, pro-Zionist, pro-Yesha activities of hers even if she is Christian?

Laurie heads this group, PJTN, which seeks to

educates media professionals, Christian leaders and Christians around the world about the biblical responsibilities to act against the “new anti-Semitism.”
Some very good Jews have lent their support to it.  Isn't it good that Christians are being asked to join a pro-Israel group that campaigns against the new anti-Semitism?

Laurie is also UN Special Envoy for the World Council of Independent Christian Churches (WCICC) and she addressed special forum at the UN Headquarters in New York last month.

And what really bothers JI is that

The approach being taken by Cardoza-Moore is decidedly theological and biblical in nature, with the Nostra Aetate document of 1965 taking center stage. For the past several months Cardoza-Moore has been urging the Vatican to resurrect Nostra Aetate as a tool to influence world churches and to fight anti-Semitism.

I know, you are scratching your heads, asking yourselves, so what is really really upsetting JI.

Let's see how JI employs 'guilt-by-association':

It's important that Jewish leadership take note of the messianic Christian angle, too. The WCICC, a main sponsor of the UN forum, has the International Alliance of Independent Messianic Congregations and S... listed as their top "direct" ministry". An article on the PJTN site affirms that:

"The WCICC exists to unite independent Christian & Messianic Churches regarding their Biblical Inheritance and Responsibility, including a stand with our Jewish brethren and the State of Israel."

But that isn't enough.  Here is JI's main charge:

While every committed Jew can fully appreciate gentiles who take a moral stand with the State of Israel, Cardoza-Moore's own stand comes with some extra heavy "biblical" baggage:

"The Bible is clear from Genesis to Revelation that God will keep His Covenant with His people, all Israel. The Apostle Paul confirms that truth in the book of Romans, Chapters 9 -11. Christians are grafted into that Covenant through Jesus. The Apostle Paul said in Galatians 3:29, “If you are in Christ, you are Abraham’s seed and heirs according to the promise." The promise Paul was referring to is the same promise God made to Abraham in Genesis, and then repeated it to Isaac and Jacob. Paul further stated in Ephesians 2:11-13, that we, Gentiles in the flesh, were once outside of the commonwealth of Israel, but because of Jesus’ shed blood, we have been brought into the commonwealth of Israel."

It would appear that by laying joint claim to our covenant, Christians like Cardoza-Moore are indeed replacing the Jewish Covenant with their own Christian interpretation of it, thereby denying the Jewish people the uniqueness of Hashem’s eternal promise to them.

Are they, though, replacing ?  

JI assumes that this is replacement theology.  Even if it is, if, that is, what we have here is the recognition that Jesus was ... Jewish.  What has all this to do with support for Israel --- unless JI, besides its suspicions, has actual proof of Laurie engaged in, pardon my language, snatching Jewish souls?  How far a net can JI toss (and no, I am not referring to John 21 or Luke 5) to denigrate proffered assistance?  Is this truly a denial of God's unique covenantal promise to the Jews or a recognition of the same?

I do know that Laurie and friends have not tried to convert me to Christiamity and would ask that if anyone does know of a case or cases to inform me of same.  Until, then, I extend support and appreciation to Laurie for defending in an activist fashion the state of Israel and its Biblical inheritance - religious, spiritual, cultural, legal and geographical.

I would suggest to all of us to review the material, the 'proofs' and the perhaps untruths and weigh whether JI is helping Jewish souls - or not even that - or maybe harming Jewish bodies.


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Product of a Perverted Prism

A report of the Muslim Youth Media Group which "monitors violations of the occupation in Al-Aqsa Mosque for the month of July 2015, the dimensions, arrests and attacks from settlers and police" was published by Himma News.

Among the findings:

"Settlers:...930 settlers broke into the mosque plus 30 intelligence groups almost daily heavily guarded by police occupation, and witnessed the so-called ruined "memory" structure...T

Police Violations:
...62 cases of police assautling inside the mosque [they mean the entire compound - YM] beating worshippers and on Sunday, 26\7, there were intensive break-ins by settlers and in memory of the so-called "destruction of the temple", the most violent attacks amongst women...
On Wednesday 22\7, Mrs. Moghaddasi was beaten during her arrest attempt which led to the torn part of her clothes...

Settlers Violations:
During the past month has deliberately provoke settlers women within sight and on the doors so no one came to the Prophet Muhammad alttawl pray him and and smell it in front of cameras three times in the last days of the month, plus To attempt muttering rites talmudic precedent of inside the mosque.On the eve of the anniversary of so-called devastation structure, assaulted settlers on child moghaddasi door the tanyn, plus 9 documented cases of assault in memory of havoc series door while leaving the mosque maximum by swearing, and throwing movements.
Provocative: the violations maximum guards and reconstruction staff
Guards have been spared the mosque flavour and staff of ages of occupation violations and settlers who they stoop during rounds incursion provoke the guards and film them, in what is called "memory" used to ruin repressive forces on the director of the al-Aqsa Mosque Sheikh Omar mind sawaneh, five Ten a guard to hit, including the keeper in her fifties she was severely beaten during arrest her causing no hit bruised her body, plus two employee of ages, and responsible media and public relations In Dr. Firas alawqaf service record.
In 30/7 and door chain used to occupying forces on guards maximum mosque during leave settlers residential purposes without any reason, which led to see the situation in the mosque.

All this is the product of a perverted prism.


The Holocaust, The Naqba and Natalie

I have for several years believed that a weak-willed phenomenon in large elements of Israel's populace, especially those who are the 'elite' in business, academia and politics, can, in part, be traced back to the quarter million or so Jews who, having survived the Holocaust, arrived in Israel and instilled what I termed a psychological gene in their children.

Well, now we have the results of this study that has found:

that the trauma experienced by Holocaust survivors caused genetic changes, which can be passed down to their children.  The results are an example of “epigenetic inheritance”—genetic changes caused by environmental factors, such as smoking, diet, or stress. In these cases, the underlying genetic code remains unchanged, but some of the chemical tags that get attached to genes throughout a person’s life get passed down.

My thinking was that the survivor was still in Europe in 1945 mainly due to his/her or the parents of not believing warnings, like those of Jabotinsky and others, to leave and/or had no ability to analyze what was happening on the continent.

And so, things are taken a step further and now, we have an 'official' Holocaust - Naqba comparison book which Dan Margalit calls "Polluting the historical truth" in that "the comparison between the Nakba and the Holocaust harms the memory of the latter and undermines its validity, as these two events could not be more different."

The third link is Natalie Portman's statement:

“I think a really big question the Jewish community needs to ask itself, is how much at the forefront we put Holocaust education. Which is, of course, an important question to remember and to respect, but not over other things... We need to be reminded that hatred exists at all times and reminds us to be empathetic to other people that have experienced hatred also. Not used as a paranoid way of thinking that we are victims.”

She continues:

“Sometimes it can be subverted to fear-mongering and like ‘Another Holocaust is going to happen’. We need to, of course, be aware that hatred exists, anti-Semitism exists against all sorts of people, not in the same way. I don’t mean to make false equivalences, we need it to serve as something that makes us empathetic to people rather than paranoid.”

...I was shocked that that [genocide] was going on while I was in school. We were learning only about the Holocaust and it was never mentioned and it was happening while I was in school. That is exactly the type of problem with the way it’s taught. 

Basically, we Jews are just like all the rest.  No need to grasp any special circumstances.  The killing is all the same.

Well, I see that she displayed an early expression of her type of thinking and maybe it has its roots in her genes?



Abbas presents Holocaust as something Jews "say":
"They say they made sacrifices in World War II -
we respect what they say"
Abbas adds libel: Israel doing to Palestinians what Nazis did to Jews:
"We must not be a victim of the victim"


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How The Temple Mount Was Lost - Phase Two

"How The Temple Mount Was Lost - Phase One" refers to Moshe Dayan's agreement to a 'status quo'.

The second phase developed over the next few years as can be found in the latest collection of State Department documents in this volume

An American position paper

April 8, 1969 from a meeting between President Nixon, Sec'y of State Kissinger and King Hussein

March 21, 1972 from a meeting between Golda Meir and King Hussein:

The positions taken by Israel's most senior elected officials were self-defeating.

Par for the course.


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Who Is The Law Scoffer?

These two Muslim women screamed, yelled, berated and, eventually, struck out at Jews and police on the Temple Mount yesterday (and last month).

The Israel Penal Law, Section 144F(a) provides:

If a person commits an offense out of a racist motive . . . or out of enmity toward a public because of their [sic] religion, religious group, community of origin, sexual inclination or because they are foreign workers, then he shall be liable to double the penalty set for that offense or to ten years imprisonment, whichever is the lesser penalty.

And what is "racism"? 

144A.   In this Article: "racism" – persecution, humiliation, degradation, a display of enmity, hostility or violence, or causing violence against a public or parts of the population, all because of their color, racial affiliation or national ethnic origin.

There is also another angle:

Prohibited association
145. For purposes of this Article, "unlawful association" –
(1) a body of persons, incorporated or unincorporated, which by its constitution or propaganda or otherwise advocates, incites or encourages any of the following prohibited acts:
...(2a) a body of persons, incorporated or unincorporated, which in an organized manner, in its by-laws, in its propaganda or in some other manner propagates, incites to or encourages racism, as
defined in Article One "A...

and a last one:

Protection of Holy Places Law 5727 (1967)
1.  The Holy Places shall be protected from desecration and any other violation and from anything likely to violate the freedom of access of the members of the different religions to the places sacred to them or their feelings with regard to those places.
2.   a)  Whosoever desecrates or otherwise violates a Holy Place shall be liable to imprisonment for a term of seven years.
     b)  Whosoever does anything likely to violate the freedom of access of the members of the different religions to the places sacred to them or their feelings with regard to those places shall be liable to imprisonment for a term of five years.

Why aren't they immediately and unconditionally charged with infractions of these laws?

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That Other Jewish Agency Blast

The carbomb explosion at the Jewish Agency buildings in 1948 is well known.

But there was another.

The details of the one more famous are here:

SUPPLEMENTARY REPORT(Explosion at Jewish Agency Building on the 11th March, 1948)

The following account of the explosion at the Jewish Agency Building in Jerusalem on the 11th March, 1948, is based on information obtained as a result of police investigations carried out on the 11th and 12th March.(a) At 9.46 a.m. on the 11th March, a heavy explosion occurred at the Jewish Agency Headquarters Office is King George V Avenue, Jerusalem. Fire broke out immediately afterwards and the casualty figures reported by 8.0 p.m. On the 12th March are as follows: -
    13 Jews Killed
    33 Jews seriously injured
    51 Jews slightly injured.
(b) Due to the refusal of Jews at the scene of the incident to allow British or Jewish Police Officers access to the Buildings or facilities to make a proper examination of the remains of the vehicle understood to have carried the explosive charges or to interrogate witnesses, it has been difficult to obtain an authoritative version of what took place. (Some of the difficulties with which the authorities have been faced in conducting this investigation are set out later in this Report).(c) It appears that a saloon car bearing United States Consular registration plates and possibly flying a United States flag, drove up to the Jewish Agency Building.(d) According to some witnesses (not yet interrogated by the Police), the car was driven by its usual chauffeur, a Christian Arab, who was in blue Consular uniform and who was known to the Jewish guards at the entrance.(e) The Jewish guards, therefore, allowed the vehicle to enter the courtyard where it seems to have been parked close to the Karen Hayesod wing of the building.(f) The explosion occurred a few moments later.(g) What happened to the driver is not yet known.(h) It has been established that a car, the description of which corresponds to that of the vehicle used in this attack, is missing from the United States Consulate General; The chauffeur left the Consulate General at 9.0 a.m. to collect newspapers from a shop in Mamillah Road but according to employees at this shop, neither he nor any other person collected newspapers for the Consulate General.(i) Neither the vehicle nor the driver have yet been accounted for.(j) Owing to the difficulties placed in the way of the authorities investigating this incident, details of damage to the building have not yet been obtained but a British Broadcasting Corporation correspondent, who was held under arrest in the Building by Jews shortly after the explosion, was later released and allowed to inspect the damage.(k) This correspondent is understood to have said that the top floor of the Keren Hayesod wing had been sliced off and that the walls facing the courtyard were tottering and charred by fire is further stated that every office in the building had suffered blast damage and that eight or ten Jewish Agency trucks and other vehicles standing in the yard at the time of the explosion had been extensively damage.

Some more:

... The chauffeur, Anton Daoud, has disappeared. He reported to the consulate this morning and picked up the car, despite the fact that this was his day off. Although many persons saw him before the blast, no one at the consulate has seen him since. Consular officials also revealed that one of the staff cars was stolen yesterday and another last week.

The major damage was inflicted on two stories of one wing of the building. The offices of the Palestine Foundation Fund were completely demolished and Leib Jaffe, 72, its director, was killed. Jaffe was well-known in the United States where he worked for the Foundation Fund during the war years. Isaac Ben Zvi, president of the Jewish National Council, who was in the Council’s office in another wing of the building, was unscathed...

And on page 143 here

But there was a second attempt to blow up a Jewish Agency office in Jerusalem, at 5 Ben Yehudah Street on the night of March 16, 1947 and this is how it was reported in the Palestine Post:


Peace Now Stupid or Misinformed?

Found in Newsweek

Israeli anti-settlement watchdog Peace Now slammed Huckabee's trip to the "illegal" settlement, saying it is a clear signal that the former Arkansas governor is against the end of Israel's occupation of the Palestinian territory and the creation of a viable solution for both Palestinians and Israelis.

"It is absurd that someone who aspires to lead the free world holds a fundraiser at the settlement of Shiloh which is illegal according to U.S law and represents oppression," Anat Ben Nun, Peace Now's Director of Development & External Relations, said in a statement toNewsweek. "Shiloh is at the heart of the West Bank and will never be a part of a future agreement between Israelis and Palestinians."


Anat is either stupid, which i doubt, or misinformed.

Obama has avoided that term, preferring "illegitimate".

Former Scretary of State Madeline Albright knew it and said it on nbc tv.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Joan Winters' Last Winter, in Jerusalem

I found out about Joan Winters, who was murdered in Jerusalem in 1933, from my friend Robert Avrech's blog.  She had arrived by boat on October 29 and was killed on November 1 in the evening. It was a time of Arab rioting*.

I looked for some newspaper clippings.

From the Palestine Post


and this from Davar

That report adds that not only were the two victims shot multiple times in the back but their heads were crushed by rocks.

Due to the general press censorship because of the several days of Arab riots, a report that shots had been heard in the area on the previous Wednesday night had been suppressed. 

The murder site was Gethsemane and, coincidentally, here is a picture of the Mufti entering the city three weeks later with the location in the background:


*  On the riots ---

ARAB RIOTS.Trouble in Jerusalem.  LONDON, Oct. 30.
More rioting has occurred in Jerusalem. A mob made an attempt to penetrate the police cordon, but was dispersed by the police. Home-made bombs used by the rioters exploded harmlessly, but stones were thrown and sticks used, compelling a British non-commissioned officer to fire a few shots. Two rioters were killed, and 15 were injured. Veiled women, screaming from housetops, incited the mob. The whole city is filled with excited Arabs eager to demonstrate. They compelled Jewish shops in the main street to close, and smashed one Jewish establishment. They also compelled one British shopkeeper to put up his shutters. Members of the Arab executive have been arrested. Other Arabs have protested against the police firing at Jaffa, and have demanded the release of their leaders...


Arab Rioting in Palestine Continues, Mob Repulsed in Raid on Haifa DepotJerusalem (Oct. 28)
Reinforced detachments of police and British troops were stationed in strategic points throughout Palestine tonight ready to cope with any Arab disturbances which, starting in Jaffa yesterday, continued last night and today. A strong feeling of tension prevailed over a wide area, from the port cities of Jaffa and Haifa to Safed, in Galilee, to the north, and Hebron and Jerusalem to the south, as spasmodic attacks on the authorities by Arab mobs continued.

In Jaffa, scene of a battle yesterday between 10,000 Arabs and police who broke up a demonstration against Jewish immigration into Palestine, which resulted in the death of ten rioters, the wounding of more than a hundred, the death of a native policeman and the wounding of others...In Jerusalem, the police this morning dispersed a crowd which gathered at the home of Musa Kazem, head of the Palestine Arab Executive, with the intention of demonstrating its sympathy with the victims of yesterday’s rioting.

Later in the day, police here were compelled to fire several volleys into the air to disperse a mob engaged in stoning a mounted British constable carrying dispatches.  A general strike, proclaimed in Jerusalem by the Palestine Arab Executive, closed all Arab shops and suspended bus line schedules...

From the official report Gt. Britain presented to the Mandates Commission in Geneva:

...A campaign against Jewish immigration began in the Arab Press about the end of August, and rapidly developed in intensity. The general purport was that the Government was flooding the country with Jews regardless of its absorptive capacity with the object of displacing the Arabs from the land and depriving them of their employment. It was also alleged that a mass immigration of Jews was being allowed and encouraged by Government so that when the Legislative Council was introduced the Jews would be in a majority.
At the beginning of September, the President of the Arab Executive Committee delivered a speech on the subject at the Moslem festival of Nebi Rubin and telegraphed to the High Commissioner demanding the immediate stoppage of immigration. After the festival, the agitation was fostered by means of the Press and public meetings, organized by the Independence Party, by the Moslem Young Men's Association, and by the Moslem Christian Association. Arab spokesmen found material to hand in Press reports of arrivals of Jewish immigrants at the ports: the Jewish Press displayed no reticence in the publication of this kind of news, and at the Zionist Congress at Prague immigration was discussed in such terms as to inspire alarm in the minds of the Arab population.
The hostile feeling against Jewish immigration was intensified by knowledge of the recent settlement in Palestine of a large number of Jews, estimated at some 10,000, without permission. The Arabs argued that these circumstances revealed the inability of Government to control immigration, and consequently exaggerated the number of those arriving; and they further contended that, even if they accepted selected immigration under Government authorization, which they should not, the entry of 10,000 unselected and unsuitable, or perhaps undesirable, persons was altogether more than could be borne.
Wherever opportunity offered, the Government made it clear that there had been and would be no change in the policy by which immigration into Palestine is regulated in accordance with the economic capacity of the country to absorb new arrivals.
The Arab Executive, however, bitterly attacked during the campaign in the Arab Press for apathy and inertia, adopted a resolution to declare a general strike on Friday, the 13th October, and on the same day to demonstrate in procession in Jerusalem from the Haram esh Sharif to Government Offices against Government's policy in the matter of immigration. Government made it clear to the responsible leaders personally and to the public by proclamations and through the Press that no procession, which would be likely to endanger the peace, would be allowed. In defiance of Government's prohibition a procession was held on the appointed day and the Police were obliged to disperse an unruly crowd by baton charge. Towards the end of October and in November, a train of similar causes led to serious rioting in various towns of Palestine, and it was necessary for the Police to use their firearms to restore order. Troops, however, were not required to intervene. A detailed account of the disturbances and the events immediately preceding them and of the precise nature and sequence of those events is given in the Report of the Special Commission of Enquiry which was appointed for the purpose and which sat in Palestine during December under the Chairmanship of Sir William Murison, K.C., formerly Chief Justice in the Straits Settlements. Printed copies of the Report have been sent to the members of the Permanent Mandates Commission.
A strike of Arab shopkeepers was almost generally observed throughout Palestine between the 27th October and the 3rd November, while the state of disorder and tension lasted. In view of the false or exciting reports which were published after the outbreak at Jaffa on the 27th October, a censorship of the Press was imposed under the Defence Order-in-Council, 1931, which had been proclaimed some days earlier as a precaution in case of an unfavourable development of the situation. The censorship was maintained for five days. The Arab Press went on strike as a protest against the imposition of this censorship and for six days no Arabic newspapers appeared. The Palestine Government for that period distributed an official bulletin containing a report of the events of the day and other items of general interest concerning governmental activities.
In Jerusalem, on the 13th October, the collision of Arab demonstrators with the Police resulted in five constables and eleven civilians being slightly injured. The total casualties in the subsequent rioting in Jaffa, Jerusalem, Haifa and Nablus were one constable and twenty-four civilians killed or died of wounds, twenty-eight constables and two hundred and four civilians wounded.
10. There was some echo of these troubles in Trans-Jordan and minor demonstrations of sympathy took place; but thanks to the helpful influence of His Highness the Amir, the Trans-Jordan Government by their firm attitude prevented any repercussions which might have proved embarrassing to the Palestine Government.
11. While Palestinian Arabs were impelled to demonstrate against the policy of the Palestine Government in regard to Jewish immigration, as being unduly generous and inconsiderate of Arab interests, dissatisfaction with that policy by Jews on the ground of its niggardliness and severity to themselves was equally expressed, at least on one occasion, in the form of an illegal procession. This happened at Tel Aviv on Saturday, the 11th December, following a protest meeting arranged by the Revisionist Organization; in the resulting clash with the Police, who were compelled to make baton charges against a shower of stones, eleven police officers and eight civilians were injured...


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Jerusalem Panorama, 1918

From an exhibition of war photographs in natural colour produced by Colart's Studios, Melbourne

That Night They Ran Up Umbrella Hill, Gaza

From the official account of the actions of the Bedfordshire Regiment in the First World War on the Umbrella Hill raids, July 1917

Following the failed attempts to capture Gaza in March and April 1917, the allied army settled in front of the Turkish defences...In June 1917 General Murray was replaced by General Allenby, who's approach was entirely more methodical and deliberate than that of his predecessor...

In the period leading up to the eventual fall of Gaza in November 1917, the 5th Battalion of the Bedfordshire Regiment was assigned to conduct a major raid on Turkish positions in front of Gaza. They held the line opposite the Turkish positions on Umbrella Hill

which would be the target of their attentions.*

The positions on the south-west sector of Gaza: Umbrella Hill can be seen at the
bottom of the map in the centre.
The first Raid -20th to 21st July 1917

Umbrella Hill was a 500 yard long trench system, around 500 yards away from the Bedfords in their trenches. The wire that protected the trenches was four feet high and four yards deep, with additional knife rests protecting the western side. The front firing trench followed the line of the crest and was supported by a support trench at the base of the reverse slope, littered with dug-outs and being connected by communications trenches.

The Umbrella Hill position

...By 8.15pm on the 20th July, the raiding party was assembled and in place, ready for "Zero Hour", which was set at 9.00pm.

At 8.55pm "two flashes in the distance were seen & after what seemed a long time two dull roars & a heavy droning noise growing louder & louder were heard, then two vivid flashes on UMBRELLA HILL followed almost at once - the tremendous crash of two 8" shells exploding shook the night". Every two minutes, this repeated until 9pm, when "a veritable inferno started". Flashes constantly lit the sky from both behind them and on Umbrella Hill as the barrage rained down on the Turkish in their trenches. The Machine Gun barrage that joined the cacophony at 9.25pm could hardly be heard, such was the din.

At 9pm, the raiders scrambled from their trenches and disappeared through the gaps in their own wire into the pitch black that was no man's land. The advance was so quick that they had to halt for one minute to avoid running into their own barrage at Beanfield, and they laid down 150 yards in front of Turkish positions. At 9.06pm the advanced screen under Lt B.W. Smythe dashed forward - despite shrapnel bursting over their heads - found the gaps in the Turkish wire and shouted the positions back to their comrades over the din of whining shells and horrendous explosions. A minute later the Bedfords fell on Front Trench, furiously bayoneting the defenders they found there before moving on to clear their assigned positions of the enemy.Captain Armstrong fixed his HQ position there as the teams loaded their rifles and went about their dreadful business of locating and eliminating the enemy.

Lt Smythe dashed across the open to Cross Cut and cleared a position of enemy machine gun teams so they could not lay an enfilading fire onto the Bedfords as they went about their work, and held the position for the raid.

The left section under Lt W.A. Shaw bombed their way along Side Trench into Silk Alley and finally made contact with the Right Section at Tassel Corner. Bombing sections were quickly pushed along Cover Alley and Side Trench. The Turks were noted as being that demoralised that in most cases they had to be bombed in their dugouts. Each dugout had between three and six men that "refused to come out or indeed to do anything except cower down on the ground". Some Turkish soldiers made a stand in Cover Alley but they were "speedily overcome".

The Right Section of the raiders under 2nd Lt R.H. Smith entered the Turkish trenches at Stay Alley, swept through Echelon Trench at the point of the bayonet and made their way to Tassel Corner but were stopped from further progress by the "congestion of troops". They climbed from the bottlenecked trench, sprinted across the open ground, and fell on Dug-Out Alley killing "a large number of Turks". As the evacuation signal went they had reached the bottom of Dugout Alley.

Meanwhile a bombing section had been working its way along Echelon Trench, where they killed over ten Turks in hand to hand combat, had taken several prisoners and put a large Minenwerfer out of action "very ingeniously".

While these four sections had been "at work killing or capturing the garrison", a party of Royal Engineer's under Lt Mendham of the 484th Field Company of the Royal Engineers had been systematically destroying the enemy sangars and wrecking the trenches. They left several heavy charges of explosives in the main Turkish dug-outs which were exploded after the evacuation by time fuses.

At 9.35pm, the raiders evacuated the trench system and sprinted back across no-man's land, leaving carnage, destruction and an extremely confused enemy firing in all directions.

On their return to the British lines, and by "sheer bad luck", the Turks put an "intense bombardment" down almost on top of the assembly area and caused almost all of the casualties, except "probably two or three killed…& perhaps 8 or 10 [of the] wounded". This caused "considerable confusion" and much of the raiding party and supporting units ran forwards to their own front lines to take cover, unwittingly running straight into the enemy barrage. Realising what was happening, Captain Christopher Miskin sprinted out through the flying shrapnel and hastily reorganised their return route into the relatively safe front trench. The several hundred men crammed into the trench to watch the barrage that covered an area between fifty and on hundred and fifty yards behind them, over a front of two hundred yards. Following some quick reconnaissance, they were moved to the flanks around Samson's Ridge and Sniper Spur, taking them away from the barrage areas. By 1.30am on the 21st, all bar the wounded had been evacuated. It is incredible that the wounded were not in the hundreds, considering that around 500 Turkish shells fell into the HQ and assembly areas that were packed with returning raiders.



6 Jul 1917 The day was spent in preparing their bivouack, resting & bathing. Routine continued & working parties as usual. Information received that a raid on Umbrella Hill would shortly be performed by this unit.

10 Jul 1917 Training for the raid began. Capt C.H. Miskin [Christopher Harold MISKIN, MC] assisted by aeroplane photos & plans commenced a replica of Umbrella Hill on which to practice. Capt H.S. Armstrong [Harold Simon ARMSTRONG, MC] commenced to train the RAIDERS. An appendix dealing with the orders issued & the details of organisation will be attached. Owing to the lengthy preparation of orders, due to the number of arms & units concerned - RFA, RE, MG units in line superior authority it was considered best to start the general training at once & to complete the details when orders were issued. A patrol of Capt Armstrong [Harold Simon ARMSTRONG, MC], LIEUT B.W. SMYTHE & 2nd Lieut R.H. Smith [Ronald Herbert SMITH] & 2 O.Rs spent about 1 1/2 hours in no man's land between our trenches and Umbrella Hill [comment; overwritten and unreadable section beginning "A suitable spot for the support..."]

11 Jul 1917 Lt.E.T. Maier [Emil Theodore MAIER, MC] commenced training the SUPPORTS. Capt Armstrong [Harold Simon ARMSTRONG, MC] continued to train raiders.

12 Jul 1917 Practice by day & night was continued by both Raiders & Supports in which good practice was made. Dugouts for Battle HQ, aid post & Sig office were started at entrance to K39 Trench. The day passed without incident.

13 Jul 1917 Raid practice by day was continued. Dugouts as yesterday. During both morning & afternoon the enemy shelled the beach with shrapnel using each time a few rounds only. No casualties were suffered by the battalion.

14 Jul 1917 Raid practice continued by day & night a rehearsal of Raiders & Supports in conjunction was arranged & went off satisfactorily

15 Jul 1917 HOLY COMMUNION 0700. 162 Bde HQ Routine work. Raiders had a rest from practice. Patrol of 2 officers 6 O.Rs went out into no mans land to SE & SW of UMBRELLA HILL and MG opened fire on the SE side. No one was encountered.

16 Jul 1917 During the morning Raid practice continued & in consequence of fresh aeroplane photos the replica, on which practice had been going on, was altered & modifications in personnel [sic] made. Some shelling took place on the beach where bathing was in progress. Three small shrapnel fell & one man was slightly wounded.

17 Jul 1917 Raid practice continued & details were discussed by the C.O. & Brigadier. In the evening a practice raid on the replica took place.

18 Jul 1917 Raid practice at night before Brigadier & GSO1 of 54th Div. Conference of left subsection group battery commanders to enable the CO to explain the infantry programme

19 Jul 1917 Raid practice continued especially with 6 new rifle sections which had been added as local reserve to RAIDERS under the orders of G.O.C. E.F. a gap of about 30 yds wide was cut on front trench of Umbrella hill by our Artillery during the afternoon. During the morning the R.S.M. & party had been at work on the dump of stores at the "place of assembly". This was shelled for a time & one Sergt was wounded. In view of this shelling being in the nature of registration, the roll call after the Raid was ordered to take place on the wire road in P.31.D.4.3 instead of at the place of assembly.

20 Jul 1917 0540 GOC 162 Bde inspected a rehearsal by the new 6 rifle sections. 0600-1100 R.S.M. & party laid out stores at place of assembly in proper dumps. These stores had been taken up by the T.O. to the entrance of K.M1 communication trench near P.31.D.4.4. The afternoon passed without incident. 1900 The whole raiding party marched arriving at the place of assembly at about 2015. Stores were issued & the party detailed in orders placed the four trench bridges in position & made the gap in our own wire. Everything was quite ready by about 2050 & all stores issued. The raiders left the place of assembly at 2055 in accordance with programme & the raid was carried through very successfully in accordance with programme