Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Peace Now Stupid or Misinformed?

Found in Newsweek

Israeli anti-settlement watchdog Peace Now slammed Huckabee's trip to the "illegal" settlement, saying it is a clear signal that the former Arkansas governor is against the end of Israel's occupation of the Palestinian territory and the creation of a viable solution for both Palestinians and Israelis.

"It is absurd that someone who aspires to lead the free world holds a fundraiser at the settlement of Shiloh which is illegal according to U.S law and represents oppression," Anat Ben Nun, Peace Now's Director of Development & External Relations, said in a statement toNewsweek. "Shiloh is at the heart of the West Bank and will never be a part of a future agreement between Israelis and Palestinians."


Anat is either stupid, which i doubt, or misinformed.

Obama has avoided that term, preferring "illegitimate".

Former Scretary of State Madeline Albright knew it and said it on nbc tv.

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