Thursday, February 21, 2013

No Wonder Catalan Has An Independenc Streak

Did you know that...

More than 700 men had their throats slit and their heads cut off during the Siege of Cambrils in 1640. The Siege of Cambrils took place during the war of Reapers (Guerra dels Segadors).

In November 1640, the Spanish troops of King Felipe IV, set up in the Catalan city of Tortosa, took actions in order to occupy the rest of Catalonia. These troops were under the command of General Marquis of Velez. The inhabitants of Cambrils managed to contain the Spanish army but they ended up being confined in the old town sheltered by the walls of the village. After hard negotiations, the defenders of Cambrils surrendered because they believed the promises made by Spanish Parliament’s members.

On November [or December] 12th, 1640, more than 700 men had their throats slit and their heads cut off, and their bodies quartered by the Spanish armed forces. Afterwards, the military command, the mayor and several town councilors were judged all together, executed and hung from the village walls with all their badges. The news quickly spread and mobilized people who wanted to stop the Spanish army as never seen before in Catalonia. It also helped to set up a stronger Catalan army to defend the rights of the country, sign treaties with France and reaffirm  themselves in breaking-off from the Spanish monarchy. The town of Cambrils remembered the people who were slaughtered on that occasion.


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