Thursday, February 28, 2013

'Palestinian' Anthropology

American Indians?

(You have to see the picture there)

Oh, South American Indians:-

Jewish Agency concerned with attracting Jews of the world to live in Palestinian occupied lands has been facilitating the arrival of group of American Indians, living on the banks of the Amazon River, claiming they have Jewish origin. Hebrew media revealed that a group of 100 American Indians, who are currently living in the city of Iquitos located on the banks of the Amazon River, are expected to arrive to the occupied territories.

According to Israeli media claims; these people are part of a “unique” Jewish community, originated from the late nineteenth century when a group of Jews migrated from the Maghreb, and settled in this town, located in the jungles of the Amazon basin, where they worked in rubber trade – as alleged by the Hebrew source.

After all, what do the Pals. really know about geography, anthropology, history, etc. that they don't make up?


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