Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Al-Aqsa Is In Danger - From Extremists Like Him

Sheikh Najeh Bakirat, director of the Aqsa Mosque, warned that the Israeli occupation regime is trying to take full control of the Mosque and end Jordan’s religious and administrative responsibility for the Islamic holy sites in occupied Jerusalem.

“The Zionist entity is attempting to end this Jordanian mandate and administration of the holy sites in occupied Jerusalem by all means and cripple it from multiple sides,” Sheikh Bakirat, an exile from Jerusalem, said...“considering that the Aqsa Mosque is old and needs permanent care, there are restrictions and obstructions, while what is happening at Al-Maghariba Gate is a major penetration attempt by the Zionist entity, and a big hoax exercised by it against the Arab and Muslim governments,” he underlined.

“The occupation has lied and said, ‘we do not want to demolish the ramp of Al-Maghariba Gate,’ but they knocked it down and is continuing their destruction.”

“We must not allow the occupation and the settlers to build in Al-Buraq square [the Western Wall Plaza], for it is an Islamic plaza and waqf.  If we allowed them to build at Al-Maghariba Gate, they would dare to build at the Aqsa Mosque tomorrow, so we are fully aware that the occupation makes steps forward day by day and raise the level of its violations from a minor level to a higher one, the director of the Aqsa Mosque warned...

Simply incitement and fomentation.


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