Monday, February 18, 2013

Walk With Me on the Temple Mount

Via the camera and blog of EOZ:-

The "seam" I mention (to the right is north):

An aerial photograph of the southern area of the Temple Mount from WW I:-

The El-Aqsa was converted into a Crusader church.

The cistern (#30) I mention:

The Golden Gate, inside:

The Omariyah School with the Mufti and Arab notables:

Faisal Husseini is the name of the third Muslim buried there in addition to Muhammed Ali and Khader El-Husseini.

If you want to ascend, start here.

On the other Islamic structures.  Onn the Islamic Museum.  The Grand Mufti and politics.  King Abdullah I's assassination.

And how else do they erase Jewish identity?


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EH said...

crusader templars - temple mount was their base. hence their name! dome and mosque was for them solomons temple and palace or vis a versa. they were into misidentification.
'temenos' is a sacred platform. herods was biggest in world at the time. impressive word to use.
roman fortress in north was called antonia. chakra was greek and on the southern side. no remains found prob destroyed by hasmonaim.
faisal husseini buried on mount.
mameluke architecture is alternating red/white rows of stones called ablak.