Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Mount Moriah Music

The things you learn.

There's a group called Mount Moriah and their second album is called Miracle Temple.

R: What’s the best and worst way you’ve heard your music described?

HM: You know, when someone asks me, I don’t really know what to say. If I’m back home and one of my dad’s friends is like, “Well, whaddya sound like?” I think about what other people might have for their frame of reference. So sometimes I’ll be, like, “Oh, it’s country.” But offhand I don’t like the word “alt-country.” I don’t know what that means, and, honestly, I don’t really know what “Americana” means, but I’ve said it. When [Mount Moriah] first started I said we were secular gospel. I have since felt very weird about that, so I’ve kind of taken that off, because I’m trying to get in touch with my spiritual side. And that’s part of [this question of] how do I intersect with this world that I grew up in? I was bitter for a long time about religion; I didn’t let anything in. Now I feel like my heart is really open and my mind is open, and I think gospel is gospel. And if I’m feeling the spirit, that can mean a lot of different things. So I stopped saying we were secular. It felt kind of pretentious.

Here's a cut from their first.And here's a video:


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