Friday, February 08, 2013

A Fuzzy Fashion Quiz

All of the women pictured b elow are wearing a dress that is know as sheer and lacey.

Two of them are Israeli but only one is the wife of Israel's Prime Minister:




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And the answer is...? 


The Uriel Sinai / Getty Images pic:



Alan said...

I am no admirer of Sara Netanyahu, but in light of the accusation made in ynnet that this particular shot shows signs of having been photoshopped (horizontal dimension stretched ) it might be most fair to not publish it until its authernticity is established

YMedad said...

a) that's screen snapped from the video clip.

b) my blog was not so much how she looked herself but whther that was the proper fashion statement for the event.

Alan said...

Odd, I didn't see any text in the blog-entry about the event.

You did the screen-snap yourself, and thus can authenticate the non-tampered-ness status of the picture?

Or, you just stole somebody else's (copyrighted) image?

By the way, is it ok if we start making blog entries about YOUR wife's public appearance?

My advice? Stick with the bikini stories, Y.