Friday, February 15, 2013

EOZ and Me on the Temple Mount (the promo)

From EoZ:-

My first appointment was with Yisrael Medad, blogger at My Right Word, for a visit to the Har HaBayit (Temple Mount.) This requires some preparation ahead of time. The Israeli guards did not let me bring in all my video equipment, and since the line to enter the area is ridiculously long, it looked like I wouldn't make it up at all. Yisrael nicely convinced the guard to watch my stuff while I took my camera with me.

I haven't seen all the footage yet, and the Israeli police officer who accompanied us was rushing us a bit so the video is not as smooth as I had hoped, but with luck you will get to see a video tour of the (perimeter of the) holiest spot in the world. That will take time to edit well so it might not be until I return to the US.

The clip.



A Fan said...

The years have been kind with you and you've stayed a photogenic as ever.

YMedad said...

that's a nice comment. perhaps due to my activist agenda.