Sunday, February 24, 2013

Will Israel Strike?

This book is about a fictional future Israeli attack on Iran. Israel Strikes is about that attack and the ensuing war. The catalyst for that war is Iran's nuclear program.
As the Iranian nuclear program nears completion, the Israeli government launches a desperate attack on land, sea and in the air. The raid plunges the entire region into war and threatens to drag the United States into the conflict. Besieged from all directions, the mighty Israeli Defense Force is stretched to limit. Alone and under siege, can the Jewish State survive?

As this book goes to print, that program is active and Israel has taken no overt steps to stop it. I strongly suspect that within, say, 18 months of publication, the war I describe in these pages will happen for real. This book does not try to predict that war or its course. I have no special information or contacts within any government. All the ideas contained therein are my own.

I do speculate about what that war will be like. That speculation is informed by a decade spent studying the Arab /Israeli Wars and the three Israeli conflicts with terrorists in the 2000s...

William Stroock

Great Barrington Massachusetts

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