Sunday, March 04, 2012

Jews Attacked - By Athiests

As CopyRanter reports:

NYC area Jews and Arabs to be assaulted by these atheism billboards.

The group behind the effort is the American Atheists.

The top board will be erected in Muslim-heavy Paterson, NJ. The bottom one will be going up in an orthodox Jewish neighborhood of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Bets on which one will be destroyed first. I'm going with the Arabic one, probably a suicide bomber will take it out.

But I was the first - I distorted the writing of the Divine Name, the Tetragrammaton, as prescribed ("According to Jewish Orthodox tradition, the Sacred Name is not to be uttered and accordingly, the form "G-d " is used in writing or printing").



Anonymous said...

so you defaced the written name "יהוה"..... Do you do that to your books too?

YMedad said...

no, of course not. by books, I presume, you mean religious texts (Bibles). Observant Jews do not write the name fully unless it is in a complete Scriptual verse or in a Siddur (prayer book). Otherwise, it is spelled out minus a letter or letters separated by a hypen or simply ה'.

Unknown said...

How is it an attack? It's directed to those within the Jewish or Muslim communities that lack belief in those gods and rituals but feel like they must stay there for fear of ostracization. You say it's an attack on Jews, but you don't mention it being an attack on Muslims. Surely you must think it is an attack on Muslims to say that what they believe are really myths? If you don't believe that the creeds of Muslims are based on myths, do you think they are right? If you, personally, think they are wrong and you say so, is that an attack, or is itjust mentioning what you think is a fact? If that is the case, how is that any different from what the billboards are doing, and how is it an attack on Jews?