Friday, March 16, 2012

You Won't Vote For Noam Schalit, Right?

There are several reasons why one should not support Noam Schalit in the upcoming Labour party primaries and surely if he obtained a high placement on the list. One would be his exploitation of his son and his son's plight such as his appearances with him at events he needn't be present, such as this week's visit to the Ethiopian encampment at the Prime Minister's residence. Another would be his clumsiness in delivery of his thoughts and opinions, must of which, though I have tried, I cannot understand both linguistically and logically.

A more recent reason is this from the JPost:

Noam Schalit, father of former kidnapped soldier Gilad Schalit, said Wednesday that if he were Palestinian he would try to kidnap IDF soldiers. In an interview with Channel 10, Schalit, who is running for a Knesset seat with the Labor Party, paraphrased former Labor leader Ehud Barak, who shocked many people when he told Israeli journalist Gideon Levy in a 1998 interview that if he was Palestinian, he would have joined a terrorist organization.

We also kidnapped British soldiers when we were fighting for our freedom,” Schalit said, referring to pre-state Zionist paramilitary organizations during the British mandate.

In saying that “We also kidnapped British soldiers when we were fighting for our freedom,” Schalit displays a problematic value-system.

Yes, the Irgun kidnapped British soldiers, and hanged two. Others were whipped and others were held to gain release of Irgun soldiers. But why was the Irgun kidnapping? It wasn't just a fight for freedom. That fight was necessary because the British were reneging on the Mandate and instead of faciltitaing the reconstitution of the Jewish national home, they sought to create an Arab state by limiting immigration, restricting land purchases, preventing Jewish refugees from exiting Nazi Europe and not properly defencing Jewish property and life.

On the other hand, Israel - and the pre-state Yishuv - accepted several partition proposals even being forced to accept the removal of portions of historic Eretz-Yisrael in Transjordan. We surrendered the Sinai Peninsula, twice - in 1957 and 1981. We agreed to many rounds of negotiations that the Arabs sought thereby to gain what they sought to achieve through aggression. We disengaged. We set up Areas A and B. And the list is long.

To compare Israel vis a vis the Arabs with the British Mandatory regime with the Zionist undergrounds is either the result of woefully uninformed historical knowledge or, worse, a corruption of such.

The Arabs were killing Jews not for freedom but to simply kill thm.  Their terror was never a matter of political advantage or need but a derivative of Muslim anti-Jewish religious orientation first and foremost.

Politicians so uninformed or suffering an ideological inferiority complex should not be in our political system.


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