Sunday, March 25, 2012

Touring a Refugee Camp

It was reported that

The Holy Land: Sixteen members of Trinity Lutheran Church travel to Israel

One participant noted that
In the nearly two decades since Booth last made the trip to the Holy Land, he said the biggest change was the amount of archeological digs under way.

Booth was quick to point out that despite the ancient and historic areas Israel is a modern state and Jerusalem a modern city with a cosmopolitan mix of people. “Much like it was in Jesus’ time,” he said.


The tour included a trip to a refugee camp established in 1949 for displace [sic] Palestinians. “We had a Jewish tour guide and an Israeli Arab bus driver who were friendly with each other,” said Booth.

Aren't we Jews lucky they can't visit a Jewish refugee camp?

But they could have visited a former Jewish residential area, ethnically cleansed by Arabs if they were looking for balance.


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