Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Arabs Did Kill An Israeli

In this latest round of violence, the stats claim no Israelis were killed.


There's a murder investigation in Ramle as it's claimed that George Sa'ado was shot by Arabs in revenge for the Gaza operation

A translation from the Ynet item:

"George was murdered for nothing, just picking on him", senior officials in the central district of the police said, investigating the shocking murder in Ramle, where Sa'ado was murdered in the night between Sunday after George, a father of five, had dined and then walked his dog. Six boys, aged 15 to 17, residents of Juarish arrested.

Central District Central Unit, commanded by Commander Yigal Ben Shalom, was continuing investigations and collecting evidence oo the suspects. However police said that the investigation is basically closed in terms of the investigation...which revealed that before the murder the boys who used to sit every night and smoke water pipes and talk had met. Sa'ado, who used to walk with his dog in the area, was familiar to them...


Saado's family said that before he died, he managed to tell a neighbor that the men who shot him said, "We're doing this because of what you're doing in Gaza."

Local Arabs have often harassed Jews in the city, the family said, but they left Saado alone, both because he spoke Arabic and because of his strength.


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