Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Fab Fayyad Fibs

Salam Fayyad has been quoted:

Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad strongly rejected using his people as a justification for the French killings, calling them a "cowardly terrorist attack."

"It is time for those criminals to stop exploiting the name of Palestine through their terrorist actions," Fayyad said in a statement.

But wait, who has been killing hundreds * of Jewish children, women, elderly and even foreigners here in Israel but...Arabs of the former territories of the Palestine Mandate?

You know, the ones they write academic articles about?

Like here and also here. And here where you can learn that

Washington Post journalist Daniel Williams, in an article on the woman suicide bomber Abu Aisheh, estimates that there were fifty-nine acts of suicide bombings in the first eighteen months of the second intifada. Williams also notes that “the pool of potential bombers seems far from exhausted among despairing, hostile youths of Abu Aisheh’s generation.” A Ha’aretz article reports on research conducted by a psychology lecturer at Al-Aqsa University, Fadal Abu-Hin: “In Apri1 2001, Abu-Hin conducted a research study among 1,000 young Gaza Strip Palestinians, aged 9 to 16. According to the results he published, over 40 percent of the respondents said that they were actively involved in the intifada. Over 70 percent said that they wanted to be martyrs. ‘If I were to carry out the same study today,’ says Abu-Hin, ‘I am sure the figures would be even higher,’...

There's this book and this one.



The first suicide attack ascribed to the Palestinian cause occurred on 16 April 1993, [the first modern one was the US Marine barrakcs in Lebanon] when a car bomb exploded near Mechola in the Jordan Valley. Between then and March 2004, 139 suicidal-attack incidents attributed to Palestinian operators transpired against Israeli targets (Figure 1). Between 1993 and September 2000, 27 suicide missions claimed 120 of the 290 Israeli deaths attributed to Palestinian attacks; since then, 112 suicide bombings have accounted for 474 of 918 Israeli Second Intifada fatalities while wounding more than 3,000, despite composing less than 1 percent of all violent incidents. These tallies do not include failed suicide operations (i.e. attacks intercepted by security forces or crippled by device failure); the number of attempted attacks is thus higher...recently an increasing number of these attacks have been claimed by the collaborative efforts of two or more Palestinian militant groups. From 1993 through April 2004, 46 percent of all suicide bombings were carried out by Hamas, 29 percent by PIJ (Palestine Islamic Jihad), and 22 percent by Fatah (Figure 2); the remainder were by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) or were claimed by two or more groups.
and this:

Since the onset of the Palestinian Intifada in September 2000 through August 2005, 151 Palestinian suicide bombing attacks have been launched against Israeli targets, killing 515 people and injuring almost 3,500 more...


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