Friday, March 23, 2012

On Bathroom Windows...and the Media

I have a problem.

As many press reports had it, Mohammed Merah leapt from his bathroom widow:

­He jumped out of his bathroom window

Have you ever tried jumping, or even squeezing yourself, out of your bathroom window?

So I searched and found this to quell my curiosity:

Prosecutor Francois Molins...said Merah burst out of his bathroom when police gingerly entered his apartment Thursday morning, wildly firing his gun about 30 times before jumping out an apartment window. “(He) launches an assault, charging police through the apartment and firing at them with a Colt .45, continuing to advance, armed and firing, as he jumps from the balcony,” Molins said. Merah fired “until he was hit by a retaliatory shot from the RAID (elite police unit), which felled him with a bullet to the head,” Molins said, insisting that police fired in self-defense.

That is much better, factually and logically.

How did all the press get it wrong?


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NormanF said...

Good question.

In my apartment, for valid privacy reasons my bathroom or what the English quaintly refer to as the "water closet" or WC, I don't have a window.

I'd be very surprised if Merah's apartment had one! One more thing the press got wrong.