Monday, March 26, 2012

Beinart's Half-Truths

Bret Stephens on Peter Beinart's book:

the deeper problem isn’t that there’s so much in Beinart’s book that is untrue, but rather so much that is half-true
and one more:

The real problem for Beinart’s argument is that, in word and deed, Palestinians have repeatedly furnished good reasons for the Israeli (and American) right to argue against further territorial withdrawals, at least until something fundamental changes in Palestinian political culture.

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I left this comment there:

As usual, I think we can safely assume that this campaign of Beinart's (as previous ones with other Jews uncomfortable with what actually happens when a nation returns to history, reconstitutes its state apparatus, etc.), is as much personal as it is concerned with the Jewish community and Israel. He is trying to solve his problems as much as he is saving Zionism. The only real question is: is he sincere.

We know from the over 40 articles and blog posts so far published, and the hundreds of comments left at them so far, that his logic is twisted, his knowledge of history is not up-to-par, his argumentation is lacking and his willingness to overlook uncomfortable facts and realities would categorize his profession as chicanery.

Of course, he could claim that his assistants let him down but as an honest professional, he knows it his problem.

He has been obsessed with his so-called liberal/progressive prism of what Israel should be - the beloved on a pedestal - that he ignores not only what JBI has noted above, ignores and essentially belittles not only what the Arabs have done and seek to continue to do - no matter what Jews do - and more but he refuses to compare Israel to what other countries do. His search for purity is abject. His undercutting of Israel only elevates the Arab ability to continue their terror, their rejection, their denial, their identity theft, their incitement. For the Beinarts, they will 'kill' what they 'love' because they exclude or excuse or act paternalistically towards the enemies of Israel, the opponents of Zionism and the haters of Jews - all in the name of some weird Judaism cum liberalism/humanism which is really what is most important to him.


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