Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Catherine (Ass) Ashton Engages in Blood Thinning

Here are the words of Lady Catherine (The Ass*) Ashton

...we are all appalled as the bloodshed continues. We witness the fighting, the crimes against humanity and the over 8-9000 people who have been killed, so many children and young people who have been caught up and murdered. We always take the opportunity to reiterate our call for the violence to stop and for unhindered access to humanitarian aid...Over the coming two days we will listen to the voices of the future leaders of their communities and the future leaders of a Palestinian state...I wonder how many of you knew that the children of Gaza now proudly hold four Guinness world records: the most people playing parachute games; the largest handprint painting; the most footballs dribbled simultaneously; the most kites flown simultaneously!. I have one Gaza kite in my office. Given the opportunity, the children of Gaza can achieve whatever they want. This is what I say to PM Netanyahu everytime I meet with him...

...We are gathered here because we have recognised the potential of the youth of Palestine. Against all the odds, they continue to learn, to work, to dream and aspire to a better future. And the days when we remember young people who have been killed in all sorts of terrible circumstances - the Belgian children having lost their lives in a terrible tragedy and when we think of what happened in Toulouse today, when we remember what happened in Norway a year ago, when we know what is happening in Syria, when we see what is happening in Gaza and in different parts of the world - we remember young people and children who lose their lives...it is to them that we should look and to them we should listen and it is to them that I pay tribute.

She's a blood thinner in not differentiating between the acts of an anti-Semitic murderer who, as video surveillance footage showed, shot one child at close range in the head**, and those in Gaza, victims of their neighborhood terrorists who were firing at Israeli schoolchildren and killed incidentally in acts of legitimate self-defense.

Pay tribute to Ashton, why don't you?  Here.


"Ass" as in Dickens:

"If the law supposes that," said Mr. Bumble, squeezing his hat emphatically in both hands, "the law is a ass - a idiot. If that's the eye of the law, the law is a bachelor; and the worst I wish the law is, that his eye may be opened by experience - by experience."

Nicole Yardeni, head of the local council of French Jewish institutions, said she had reviewed some of the video footage of the school shooting before it was handed to police. "A man gets off a motorbike and starts shooting. People fall down; he goes into the schoolyard, and grabs a small girl. He puts a gun to her head and he shoots," Ms. Yardeni said


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People fall down; he goes into the schoolyard, and grabs a small girl. He puts a gun to her head and he shoots," Ms. natural