Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Should You Trust the Police and Public Prosecution?

Kalman Liebskind had a life-exprience lesson which he blogged (in Hebrew) and here it is, in extracts:

I know. Arabs who throw rocks at Jews is not a story. If the stone does not split open someone's head the paper will not devote an inch of coverage paper. So it goes...

...A year ago I told you here about my experience, a few hundred meters from my house in Gamzu, the heart of the Green Line, when I returned from a trip with the family on Shushan Purim...[when] Arabs attacked us with stones. One stone hit my wife's car windshield, forty inches from the head of the child, and miraculously it was not shattered. Another stone hit my car. Other stones hit us a few friends. Trained citizen instinctively dialed the police. Meanwhile, members begin to try to identify the culprits...we found them...[and handed them over to the police]...

Three days later I received a phone from one of the investigators...."We need you to come in to complete the inquiry". It was a brilliant investigative exercise...Half an hour later, I sat opposite him and I found myself at the main suspect in this case. It turns out that one of the Arabs who came with us to the station that night, claimed the Jews filed a complaint that someone threatened him with weapons. When I heard that Arabs told about someone with a pink shirt, I relaxed. I was with a brown sweatshirt. But that didn't bother the police. "We checked and of all who was here, only you have a gun license which means you threatened". Bingo. We got cracking. Great investigative logic...

Was I laughing? Absolutely not. Threats with weapons? Me? Had someone fell on the head here? Very quickly, a member of the police bothered to tell me it was the system. When you submit a complaint against these guys, they automatically serve a counter-complaint, and we have a draw. Head to head. Not attacker and victim but a suspect against a suspect.

A severe-looking policewoman photographed me from all angles and took my fingerprints...The guy who tried to kill my kids laughing at me all the way to the mosque.

A month after that incident I realized that what begins stupid baseless complaint against you, can easily deteriorate into quite unpleasant areas. That was when I received notice that the District Attorney's Office have 30 days to apply to the prosecution and convince her, "Why not she should not be filing charges against you."..."You make a motion to review investigative materials and we will consider." Submitted.

Since then, I've had this terrible swift sword above my head...This week the Ministry of Justice explained that since the evidence in my case and that of the young terrorist "are intertwined and can not be separated ... more investigation needs be done and the work will be completed soon." Bullshit. Do not believe them...

I know I'm not the only suspect in Israel whose file is lying somewhere at the prosecutor's office but still, it is a scandal. A double scandal. Once because this should not be a country dangling people in the air due to a case containing perhaps four pages and the decision should take maybe five minutes. And the second time because of what the state is conveying to the stone throwers. No pressure. Nothing is urgent...no "special urgency".

I made one big mistake in this story. I dialed 100. Friends who were around me laughed at me. What are you calling the police, they told me. Let's get the whole moshav and bash them about. I resisted. I was wrong. The law enforcement authority passed on to me this story which I also suggest you learn: There are things you can handle them alone. No police and no prosecution, no Court and no B'Tselem.

What do I tell my children when I have to hire a lawyer to defend myself to not be convicted of threatening with a weapon? Yes, the children who were with me in the car and saw the young Arab throwing at us from point-blank range. What do I tell my child about what she learns in civics? That this is a nation of laws? ...We are in the jungle, my children. And in a jungle the fittest survive...Arabs throw stones at you? Go get them. One thing what not to do. Don't dare involve the police and the prosecution.  Never. They are not on the side of law and not on the side of justice.


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NormanF said...

Only a fool in Israel would rely on the police to be fair and through. No one in Israel dials 100. Its just not worth the trouble.

And by the time the police do arrive, its just as likely they won't solve the crime in the victim's favor. And in Israel's justice system, no Arab is going to be sentenced to death, no matter how heinous the crime.

No one has any expectation in Israel the law will be enforced impartially or that justice will be done. Therefore, there is no reason to involve the authorities in anything of importance.