Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Meet American Religious Discrimination

In Connecticut:
Barbara Cadranel...received a mezuzah as a gift in the fall of 2011, she put it on the doorpost of the front door of her third-floor condo unit, affixing it with Velcro. It was a religious rite that Cadranel, 60, learned in Hebrew school. It is now a source of controversy. Cadranel faces a fine of $50 a day from her condo association for hanging the glass mezuzah on her doorpost. She is threatening to take legal action against her condo association and has gained the support of the Anti-Defamation League...Cadranel said she was "shocked" and "outraged" when she was told to remove the mezuzah. "I was violated," she said. "I'm bullied and I'm saddened. It's changed my whole existence here." A Happy Easter wreath with a bunny on it hangs on the door across the hall from hers. She says she's cordial to all in her building, but some neighbors just stare at her without speaking. The California Condo Association allows unit owners to display religious items on the outside of doors, but not on their doorposts, the frame around the door.
I am not sure America is quite fully the land of the free but I'm glad there are brave people at home there. ^

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