Sunday, March 18, 2012

She Said It and She's a Muslim

Journalist Irshad Manji writes in her new book, "an intimate and optimistic apologia for a future with more liberal and open interpretations of Islam...[that] in the end, the book fails to grapple with some of the more substantial questions that would make this future a reality:-

...Despite her belief that a woman’s choice about wearing the hijab should be respected, she accuses hijab wearers of a kind of self-deception, of using the hijab as “an emblem of faux modesty.” Manji claims that, “far from protecting herself against the ‘Western’ disease of sexualizing breasts and other bodily bits, she’s fetishizing her entire body as genitalia.” Manji is skeptical that women choose the hijab out of modesty because she believes men still “gawk at women who cover.”

That is quite a remarkable metaphor.


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