Saturday, March 31, 2012

And Now, The Temple Mount Code

There are serious books on the topic of the Temple Mount, like this one on Newton, and there are novels.  A previous one I dealt with.  Here is from a book review:

Thomas Lourdes is a scholar, an adventurer and one of the world's leading linguists...a womanizing, handsome (naturally) world traveler who has been summoned from his Harvard classrooms to Jerusalem, where an old friend has found the text...When he finally reaches Jerusalem, he finds his friend murdered and home ransacked. The Code is missing.

The Temple Mount Code is supposed to be a dangerous, secret document that will allow whoever has it to rule all of Islam and, thus, wage a global war against all infidels. The Iranian Supreme Ruler imam is racing Lourdes for the artifact, and this sets up a great conflict with all sorts of traps, treacherous encounters and dangers.

That makes over a dozen action/thriller genre books with the Temple Mount as a subject.

Someone telling us something?

Well, as I haven't read this one, we'll have to wait.


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