Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Middle East Country Quiz From Amnesty

Guess which Middle East country in this news story is not mentioned:- Middle East executions soaring, says Amnesty
Human rights monitors are alarmed by a sharp rise in executions in the Middle East at a time when the overall number of countries using capital punishment worldwide is falling. During a year of tumultuous political change and violence throughout the Middle East and north Africa, the region led the world in the use of the death sentence, according to a report on Tuesday by Amnesty International. Iran, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Yemen accounted for the vast majority of the 558 executions recorded last year by Amnesty in the Middle East and north Africa. The number of executions rose 50 per cent in 2011 from the previous year, the Amnesty report said. ...Iraq appears to be accelerating its use of capital punishment, with 68 killed in 2011, but 69 reported to have been executed so far this year. Worldwide, only 20 countries carried out executions last year. While most Arab countries retain laws allowing death sentences for a variety of crimes, authorities in Algeria, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Morocco and Qatar have refrained from implementing them. Meanwhile, Tunisia for the first time in recent years did not impose a single death penalty last year, following the revolution that ousted President Zein al-Abidine Ben Ali.
That's right, Israel. Israel is located in the Middle East. It didn't execute anyone but doesn't merit a mention, this way or that. Now, can you guess why? Oh, the Palestinian Authority is mentioned, 5 executions, in the actual report itself (there at p. 32-33) but still, Israel is not included. Israel lcan't even get a of nod of appreciation from Amnesty. ^

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NormanF said...

I'd like Israel to have the death penalty for terrorism, murder, kidnapping, rape and drug smuggling.

All serious offenses against the human person that offers the permanent cure to recidivism.

Then again, Amnesty International is neither concerned with the rights of the innocent just as it isn't concerned with the rights of Jews.