Friday, March 16, 2012

Another Spray-On Story But Whose Price-Tag?

Remember my doubts, based on handwriting, about the identity of those who scrawled "price-tag" on the wall of a mosque in the Beduin village of Tuba Zangria?  And the follow-up story and this one noted by EoZHere, too.

Well, I saw this item in Hebrew in Israel Hayom and Ynet and found it at this site, Israeli Uncensored News, in English:

Young Arabs arrested over Nazi graffiti

Two fifteen-year-old Arabs from Beit Zarzir village were confined to house arrest after spraying swastikas on a school.

The Ynet adds that they also sprayed grafitti "Death to Arabs".

Well, we do not know, as yet, who was violent in Tuba but from now on, we cannot be sure exactly who is doing what.  It could be a Jew, it could be an Arab.

Just saying, you know.


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