Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Did A Graphologist See This?

Below is a scan from the story in Yedioth Ahronot on October 4, 2011 that reported the mosque-torching at the Beduin village Tuba-Zanarieh:

I've encirlced the Hebrew graffiti which supposedly reads "Tag Policy - Revenge". Actually, the middle word is Palmer, for the latest terror victim near Hebron. I can't see if the word מחיר appears.

I am going to going out on a limb here but nevertheless, unless a police graphologist has reviewed the material, I am thinking that that handwriting could be the work of a non-Hebrew native.

The gimmel is the word תג is odd. So, too, the lamed in פלמר a the reish as well there. And the mem in נקמה also.

Raising a doubt as to whether the police really know what they are doing as all the suspects arrested, detained and interrogated go free.



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נו באמת, לא כתבו את זה בעט על דף אלא על קיר עם כלי כתיבה מאולתר. ודאי שהאותיות יצאו משונות.