Friday, February 15, 2019

A Wales of a Pogrom

I was sent this:

The Times, 15 February 2019:

Sir, Winston Churchill’s detractors need to recall that in August 1911 the Jewish communities of the “Western Valleys” (West Monmouthshire and East Glamorgan) were subjected to a week of brutal, premeditated assaults, robbery and looting by coal miners and their wives, whipped up by socialist propaganda. Only the troops deployed by Churchill, who was then home secretary, protected them. Churchill quite correctly referred to these incidents as a “pogrom”. Professor Geoffrey AldermanUniversity of Buckingham

Professor Alderman authored "The Jew as Scapegoat? The Settlement and Reception of Jews in South Wales before 1914", Transactions & Miscellanies (Jewish Historical Society of England), Vol. 26 (1974-1978), pp. 62-70.

I admit I was unaware of this event.  I am going to guess most of you are as well. So, a bit of history -

Information is here:

anti-Jewish riots...swept the valley communities of Monmouthshire and Glamorgan in August 1911, leading to the temporary imposition of military rule – Churchill ordered detachments of the Worcester Regiment to patrol the affected areas - and to the wholesale evacuation of Jewish families by special trains that conveyed them to the relative safety of Cardiff, Newport, Aberdare and Merthyr. These riots - a week-long orgy of attacks on Jewish property - began in Tredegar during the evening of Saturday, August 19, and spread rapidly to Ebbw Vale, Rhymney and other industrial centres of the Western Valleys. Wherever Jews could be found, the rioters struck. 


At Tredegar only Jewish shops were attacked, while at Ebbw Vale, the Daily News reported, "the cry of the mob was … one long denunciation of Jews." The view of the presiding magistrate at Tredegar was that "the first disturbances were no doubt anti-Jewish," and the chief constable of Monmouth, in a report to the Home Office (August 21), gave it as his opinion that there was "a determination expressed by the inhabitants [of Tredegar] to get rid of them," meaning the Jews.

There is compelling evidence that the attacks were planned. According to the Rev Harris Jerevitch, minister at the Cardiff synagogue, "There is no doubt that the attacks were planned. Some of the Jewish inhabitants were informed a day or two before the outrages that people intended to wreck and loot their shops."

And here.

Churchill in Parliament

There were in several places gross instances of incendiarism, and in two cases in South Wales, at any rate, of wholesale loot by persons previously of good record. That is an amazing feature in the recent disturbances. I was told that at Tredegar there had been a case of anti-Semitism; and, quite peculiar and quite unknown in this country before, persons hitherto respectable were seen going home with bundles of clothes which they had taken from shops and which they were taking away as if they were not in the least ashamed of what they had done.

And Liberal MP Sir Arthur Markham

...The letter which I received states that serious rioting took place at Tredegar. [An HON. MEMBER: "Read it all."] You shall have it all if you wish it. The letter, dated August 21st, says:— Serious rioting took place at Tredegar on Saturday and Sunday night. It would appear that on Saturday night, between 11 and 12 o'clock, an attack was made upon shops owned by Jews in the main street of the town. There can be no doubt that this had been pre-arranged, although the police had no knowledge that such an attack was likely to take place. There were only eight constables available, and they were quite inadequate to deal with the disturbance, and could do little more than look on at the wrecking and looting or eighteen shops owned by Jews or persons of Jewish extraction. At an emergency meeting of the magistrates held on Sunday afternoon, it was decided to ask the Home Office for military protection, as there were strong rumours of a recurrence of the riots that evening. About 200 military arrived in the town about 10.30 that night from Cardiff, but previous to their arrival a few scuffles had taken place with the police, and the wrecking and looting of two other somewhat large business premises owned by Jews was commenced. Fortunately the arrival of the military prevented further grave disturbances, but the two premises I have previously referred to were looted of everything they contained; respectable people to all appearances carrying off bundles of clothing quite openly, and apparently without shame. 
At one time a serious conflict seemed imminent, but by appealing to the crowd a large number were prevailed upon to go home, with the result that by the aid of the military patrolling the town and by police rushes, the streets were eventually cleared without serious mishaps other than broken heads and cuts from the baton charges. Had I not seen it myself, I would not have believed that such an occurrence could have taken place in Tredegar, and I am sorry to say that although undoubtedly started in the first stage by hooligans, there were a large number of respectable working men taking part in the disturbance…. As previously stated the feeling in the first case was against the Jews, but now it appears to be an outburst of lawlessness in all directions, and threats have been used against respectable tradesmen who have been in the town for many years." 


Thursday, February 14, 2019

A Historical Note On That Accusation of "Privilege"

Should Jews being angry at being accused of possessing "white privilege"?

Or any privilege that seems to justify hate and anti-Semitism?


Look what I found in this book:

Think about that.

Nothing new.


Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Expanding Shiloh with US Senate Approval

Using "Shiloh" and "expansion" without referring to Zionism, the Land of Israel, "settlement", "colonialism" or whatever:-


Monday, February 11, 2019

Jabotinsky Led Off to Prison

As a result of Ze'ev Jabotinsky's activity during the Passover 1920 murderous pogrom by Arabs in defending the Jewish population, a task to which he was appointed in late 1919 by the Zionist Commission, he was arrested. Eventually, a British military court found him guilty of possessing and using illegal arms and sentenced him to 15 years imprisonment. He was led to Akko Prison.

The way he was accompanied to Akko became a subject for a Parliamentary Question. Two, in fact:


HC Deb 10 June 1920 vol 130 cc628-9W 628W

§ Brigadier-General COLVIN asked the Secretary of State for War whether Mr. Jabotinsky, who did service for this country during the War, was marched to gaol in company with Arabs who were sentenced for violating Jewish girls; and whether he is still confined in the gaol at Acre?

§ Mr. CHURCHILL According to the latest information in my possession, Mr. Jabotinsky is still confined at Acre. I will inquire of Lord Allenby the exact conditions of his imprisonment.


HC Deb 29 June 1920 vol 131 cc232-3 232

§ 19. Brigadier-General COLVIN asked the Secretary of State for War whether he can now state under what circumstances Mr. Jabotinsky was conducted to prison and the conditions of his imprisonment?

§ Mr. CHURCHILL I am informed that Mr. Jabotinsky was conducted to prison under the escort of a British officer, and travelled first class by rail to Haifa. He walked from the station to the civil gaol, which is quite near, and there spent the night in separate quarters. He proceeded by train the following morning to Acre, and then in a motor ambulance from the station to the civil goal, where he was handed over to the civil authorities by the British officer escorting him. He is confined in division 2 (simple confinement), and is in separate quarters. He is allowed to wear his own clothing and has his own bedding. Any food he wishes may be sent to him. He is allowed exercise in the open every two hours under supervision; facilities for bathing and medical treatment by a doctor from outside the prison if necessary. He has facilities for reading and studying. His wife visits him twice a week, and he is allowed interviews with Zionist friends at any time.

§ Brigadier-General COLVIN Is it not the fact that Mr. Jabotinsky rendered great service to this country during the War, both in the field and on the platform, and was he not quite justified in taking steps to protect himself and the Jews in Jerusalem from threatened attacks of the Arabs?

§ Mr. CHURCHILL A British tribunal has found otherwise, and that has been the opinion of Lord Allenby. The sentence of fifteen years' imprisonment has been reduced to one year, and is being served under the extremely modified conditions which I have described in detail to the House, and which I took the trouble to have telegraphed to me.


Sunday, February 10, 2019

When A Congressman Compared the Jordan River to the Mississippi

When the US Congress had no problem supporting Zionism, criticizing pro-Arab diplomacy and...comparing the Jordan River to the Mississippi River:-

Members of the Senate and the House of Representatives joined today in condemning on the floor of their respective Houses the granting of independence to Transjordan. One Congressman suggested that the matter to placed before the Security Council of the UNO by the U.S. delegation.

Senator Claude Pepper, Democrat of Florida, sharply attacked British policy in Transjordan and Palestine, in a general statement in the Senate on foreign policy with particular reference to the Iranian situation. The British Mandate over Palestine “should have been repealed a long time ago,” he said.

Rep. Gordon McDonough, California Republican, urged the State Department to consult with the British Foreign Office “to assure the British that the heroic and creative Hebrew people, who have already worked such marvels in transformation in the insert of Palestine, can, by their friendship and trust, be infinitely better guarantors of western principals of peace and freedom in the Near East than can illiterate, comedic Bedonine,” McDonough asked that the American delegates to the UNO be instructed to investigate this matter in the Security Council.

Rep. Angnatua Bennett, New York Republican, compared the separation of Palestine and Transjordan to a situation that might develop should the U.S. be divided at the Mississippi. He recalled the treaty of 1924, in which Great Britain promised not change the status of Transjordan under the Mandate without the approval of the U.S. Government. “To my knowledge,” he said, “that approval has not been granted.

Senator Owen Browster, Republican of Maine, told the Senate that the State Department should “investigate the sudden creation of this new independent state of Transjordan.”

JTA, April 4, 1946.


Friday, February 08, 2019

It Is Now "Now" But Then It Was "Here"

The slogan "Peace Now", while not specifically Jewish as evident in the phrase 'peace in our time', has always perturbed me, as if only the "now" counts. Not the past nor, actually, the future.

And then I came across this and I grasped how non-nationalist, aka Zionist, Jews, performed semantic acrobatics to avoid the true essence of Jewish communal identity:

As a legal party in the independent Polish state, the Bund sharpened its ideological positions. While the party had always been opposed to Zionism (considering it to represent only the interests of bourgeois Jewry), the movement responded to the increased appeal of Zionism after the Balfour Declaration of 1917. At this point Medem strengthened a central component to the ideology of the Bund, doikayt (hereness), and made this concept the trademark of the movement during the interwar period. Supporters of doikayt insisted that the future of the Jewish people would best unfold in the same places in the Diaspora in which it had experienced its past, and where it had developed and created its cultural resources. The party began to portray itself as the guardian of secular Yiddish Jewish culture, fighting against what it perceived to be an irresponsible illusion that would concentrate all Jews into a national homeland in Palestine, and vigorously warding off attempts to cultivate Hebrew culture in Poland at the expense of the original Yiddish culture.


Thursday, February 07, 2019

Jews in Judea, Samaria and Gaza: Pre-1948

Jews lived in the heartland of the Jewish historic homeland, Judea, Samaria and Gaza, until Mandate times, when Arabs engaged in a terror campaign to ethnically cleanse them from their homes and livelihood. And then, during the 1947-1948 war, uprooted them from Jerusalem and its neighborhoods as well.

Jews live in Nablus and Gaza?


Exhibit One: 1922 British Census


The UN Goes "Tuches Backwards"

The United Nations has a unit that takes care of the Arabs of Palestine (actually many).

It's called OCHAopt, part of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA). As explained,

In 2002, OCHA established its Country Office in the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt), occupied by Israel since the 1967 war, to support international efforts to respond to the humanitarian situation in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and in the Gaza Strip....OCHA oPt works to ensure a coordinated and effective response to humanitarian needs stemming from the conflict, the occupation and other policies, as well as from natural disasters or extreme weather events.

However, one need be careful. Take a look at this "reporting":

I ask you: which came first - Arab violence and terror or Jewish responses?

Yes, I am aware that "Jewish responses" in too many cases were criminal.  But that is not my point.

OCHAopt is simply playing a propaganda game and supporting the narrative of blaming "settlers". It is engaged and embedded with the Arab side. 

That is not being humanitarian.  And it will not contribute to resolving problems.

Presenting things backwards is unethical and unhelpful.


Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Palestine on A Plate

I previously blogged on how the Arabs-called-Palestinians have turned cuisine into a major issue of ethnic and national identity within the context of the Arab conflict with Israel and Zionism.

Who created falafel.

Which humus is the best.

But now I see this matter has morphed into a sub-issue which I'll call "cuisine geography".


Palestinian food can be sorted into three categories, she explained: There is the bread- and meat-based cooking of the West Bank, which includes East Jerusalem and stretches to the Jordan River. The food of the Galilee, which sits inside Israel and includes cities like Nazareth, closely resembles Levantine cuisine, with its tabbouleh and kibbeh. The cooking of the Gaza Strip, a dense patch bordering Egypt, is largely fish-based and fiery. 

First of all, Chef Kalla would be upset that there's no maqloobeh in there.

More importantly, what happened to Jordan?  It's not part of 'historic Palestine'?

Most importantly, according to this "Palestine-on-a-Plate" geographic cuisine, the borders of "Palestine" seem to be defined as what one cooks. And food becomes soothing:
“Seeing the physical apparatus of the Israeli occupation of the West Bank was very hard to witness,” she said. She found that food soothed the frenzy in her mind. 
Maybe the desire of Arabs-called-Palestinians to eradicate Israel, erase the Jewish people's national history in the Land of Israel and deny any Jewish cultural attachment to the land is just a matter of...hunger? 




Monday, February 04, 2019

Brainwashed and Lied To

You are asked to believe this:

“Tourists coming here are brainwashed, they are lied to, they do not know this is our land”, said a Palestinian farmer living next to Shiloh settlement, where the Israeli government is funding a large visitor centre to draw tourists to an archaeological site.


There are no lies at Shiloh.

We do know whose land this is.

We know what the Arabs did to the site before Jews returned.

We know exactly what Arab period remains are at the site.

Come and judge for yourself.

Friday, February 01, 2019

'Palestine is Southern Syria', The Map

I have blogged multiple times that the Arabs called today as "Palestinians", originally demanded not to be known as such and that the territory all called "Palestine" should be called "Southern Syria", not specifically "Palestine".

In other words, there was no unique Palestinian national identity among Arabs residing in the territory of what was accepted to be Palestine.  They were Syrians.


And here.

And also here.

And now, the map:

Take note.

So, is it the "Heritage of Palestine" or, the "Heritage of Southern Syria", etc.?



...In line with the Sykes-Picot Agreement of 1916...the French occupied the northern Levant, from the Mediterranean to the Euphrates River and beyond...The French quickly realized that their Syrian dominion – two millions inhabitants in 1920 – was a patchwork of conflicting communities. Charles de Gaulle, who was stationed as a young staff officer in Beyrouth from 1929 to 1931, dryly observed, “The people who live here never contented themselves with anything nor anybody.”...According to Viscount Robert de Caix de Saint-Aymour, Syria did not exist and would never exist. It had to be partitioned into smaller but more homogeneous entities...The State of Lebanon was created in 1920, and turned six years later into the semi-independent "