Monday, March 26, 2012

Haaretz's False Claim

Haaretz claims:

Hundreds of Beitar Jerusalem supporters assaulted Arab cleaning personnel at the capital's Malha shopping center on Monday, in what was said to be one of Jerusalem's biggest-ever ethnic clashes. "It was a mass lynching attempt," said Mohammed Yusuf, a team leader for Or-Orly cleaning services.

I'd think that the Arab riot of August 23, 1929 was larger.


Berlin, Sep. 6 (JTA) –  A vivid account of the events which transpired in Jerusalem is given by the Jerusalem correspondent of the "Berlin Tageblatt" in a news letter to that paper. Describing the first disorders, the correspondent states : "I myself was attacked on University Street and plundered. I received twenty wounds from sticks and stones. I owe my life to the fact that I simulated death. Later, covered with blood, I tried to ask help from a passing automobile, but the Arab driver tried to run me over."  The correspondent further described the inactivity of the authorities, the felony of the Arab policy and the heroism of the Jewish self-defense.

And they even killed some Jews.


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