Friday, March 30, 2012

Intersectionality Comment

I caught this at the site for left-leaning Jewish students, New Voices, and its by Shani Chabansky:-

Just after the “Bringing Women to the Fore and Advancing Peace” session [at the J St. Conference], an elderly woman approached me to respond to a question I had asked about intersectionality, a term used in modern feminist theory to describe how all forms of oppression are connected. The idea is that you can’t eradicate racism without getting rid of sexism, or homophobia...The woman...didn’t like the fact that I used the term intersectionality...I should call them “multiple voices or something to that effect.” It was great.

I thought about that and left this comment there:-

Can interactibility be applied beyond feminist semantics? To nationalism? If so, could it be said that Jews cannot fulfill their Zionism if the Arabs cannot realize their Palestinianism?

What do you think?



Anonymous said...

send them out to work! Intersectionality what a load of university rubbish talk.

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