Sunday, March 11, 2012

J Street Whitewashes

ChallahHuAkbar has the story of how J Street referred to the Gaza terrorists as just "civilians", not even "activists".

They later realized how stupiud they were and altered their text to "militants".

Their anti-Israel posture blinds them.



Challah Hu Akbar said...

Go back and read carefully. From start they said Israel was in conflict with "militants." However, they claimed Israel killed "over a dozen civilians." A few hours later they revised 2nd paragraph to remove reference to civilians, yet did not say what they had revised or why.

YMedad said...

i did read carefully. i was referring to the dead. they first called them "civilians" when even the Pal. source I noted last night used the term "activists" to describe those killed, Arabic-English for "terrorists" but J St. still preferred "civilians" to term those killed.