Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Temple Mount Under Islamic Attack

From a press conference (Google translated from the Arabic) conducted by three of the most senior figures involved in inciting Muslims to attack Jews over the issue of rights to the Temple Mount, Sheikh Raed Salah, Sheikh Ikram Sabri and the PA's Hatem Abdel Qader  (here, too)

New attacks detected on the Mount and the Mughrabi Gate

Religious figures and warned of the danger of national Israeli aggression against Al Aqsa Mosque and the Gate, and impose a new reality in the light of the world's preoccupation with the Arab spring.

This came in a press conference held by the Al-Aqsa Foundation for the stop and Heritage today to detect the most recent Israeli attacks over the Al Aqsa Mosque and the Mughrabi Gate calling it "a fierce attack on the Al-Aqsa Mosque."

..."the occupation continues its crime in order to open the door...to reach through it to the chapel bright one of the buildings of the Al Aqsa Mosque towards the Judaization of this place, also aims to open the door leading to a network of tunnels under the Aqsa Mosque from the area of ​​the Mughrabi Gate, the conversion part of the vacuum to the reality of the Mughrabi Gate in the way of what he calls fraud 'Wailing Wall for the Jews.' "

... the Mughrabi Gate and Al-Aqsa mosque are all Islamic waqf, and attacks on these areas is an attack on the Islamic Waqf, the right of the rights of Muslims not only in Palestine but in the world...bullldozers demolish the Mughrabi Gate...an integral part of the Wailing Wall, the Wailing Wall an integral part of the western wall, western wall and an integral part of the Al Aqsa Mosque. "

..."The occupation wants to resolve the battle for Jerusalem through the creation of new facts, and certainly the Al-Aqsa Mosque is the spearhead."

"The Al-Aqsa Mosque is witnessing this period, a plan to impose a systematic...break into a large-scale, and especially that the Israeli forces stormed the squares in an orderly fashion...We regret that the National Authority remiss about Jerusalem, because they do not put Jerusalem on the top priorities, and asked her to bear the responsibility of national and political and financial support the steadfastness of the residents of Jerusalem, and the official announcement that the Oslo agreement failed ...! I do not know why they are sticking to this agreement ...?

Here they are:

Check this out from the other side.



The "stormers" -

from Har Bracha

from Mitzpeh Yericho.


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