Monday, July 30, 2012

Minute's Silence for Olympic Committee's Obtuseness and Moral Maliciousness

I know that basically the campaign to get an official Olympic Committee "Moment of Silence" for the Munich Olympic victims of terror, who all happened to be Israelis - for some reason - has basically failed.

Not that a lot of important publicity was generated and even a vigil was maintained in London but nevertheless, nothing official.  Except for the British victims of 2005!

So, my suggestion is to organize a

Minute's Silence for Olympic Committee's Obtuseness and Moral Maliciousness

Oh, and I left this comment at this Rabbi's site, Brant, which is his first name, one who undermined the campaign despite his claim that "My intention with this post was not argue pro or con the moment of silence but to explore the manner in which the Jewish establishment has seen fit to press this issue with the IOC" -:

How I “love” Jews who hate each other so much.

Take note, from July 28

“AJC was surprised to learn last night that the International Olympic Committee (IOC) indeed chose to hold a moment of remembrance for terror victims — just not one dedicated to the memory of the 11 Israeli Olympians murdered by Palestinian terrorists at the Munich Olympics 40 years ago.

After rejecting repeated requests from the victims’ families and world leaders, including President Obama and the Australian, Canadian, German and Italian parliaments, for a minute of silence at the opening ceremony in London, there was a commemoration of the victims of the 2005 terror attacks in London.
…IOC President Jacque Rogge repeatedly turned down the requests for honoring the fallen Israelis, saying that such a moment of silence would not be appropriate and, misleadingly, had no precedent.

Indeed, there have been observances in past Olympics, including in 2002 to honor the victims of 9/11 and now of 7/7.”

And so I mourn your victimhood – victim of your own unwillingness to accept and confront Jew-hatred or just plain everyday hostility and willingness to accept the “worm of Jacob” status (see Isaiah 41:14) or membership in the League of Trembling Israelites. You blame the Jews who are proud to stand up to power that is immoral while the Olympic Committee thumbs its nose or other body part to you as you undermine a position which is right and just by terming it “political”

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