Saturday, July 28, 2012

Temple Mount News

Dr. Ekrema Sabri, the Khatib (preacher) of the Aqsa mosque, lashed out at the Jewish settlers for repeatedly storming the holy site. Addressing a Friday congregation of 250000 worshipers at the Aqsa mosque, Sabri said that the Aqsa is not owned by the Israeli occupation authority to allow break-ins of its soldiers and settlers at will. He warned Muslims against letting down the Aqsa

Hamas movement lashed out at the Israeli occupation authority (IOA) for recent escalation in violations against the Aqsa mosque in occupied Jerusalem and against worshipers. In a statement on Friday, Hamas warned the IOA against persisting in such attacks especially in the holy month of Ramadan, describing the attacks as blatant violation of heavenly religions and international norms other than a clear provocation to millions of Muslim around the world.  Hamas, which was commenting on the repeated desecration of the mosque and attacks on worshipers at the hands of Jewish settlers and Israeli soldiers, appealed to all Palestinians capable of reaching the holy site to do so and to confront the IOA racist policies.

The International Quds Institution (IQI) has warned of an expected escalation of incursions by Jewish settlers into Al-Aqsa Mosque with the approach of the anniversary of the “destruction of the Temple” which falls on Sunday. The foundation revealed in a press statement on Friday that the Israeli incursions into the Aqsa aim at strengthening the Jewish control over the Mosque in order to rebuild the alleged temple.

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