Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Jordanian Incitement Interference


The royal committee for Jerusalem affairs in Jordan appealed to the international community to intervene to protect the Aqsa Mosque against Israel’s violations. [what violations???]  In a statement to the Jordanian news agency, secretary-general of the royal committee Abdullah Kanaan said his committee is following up with great concern Israel’s violations against the Islamic and Christian holy sites.

Kanaan warned that racist Israeli officials and extremist Jewish settlers intend to desecrate the Aqsa Mosque on July 29 encouraged by a recent Knesset draft law stipulating that the Aqsa Mosque is under Israel’s authority.

“The occupation state and its Zionist government should know that the international law will be the judge sooner or later,” the Jordanian official stressed.

“Jordan represented by its Hashemite leadership, its people and its army, has sacrificed throughout history and since the emergence of the Palestinian cause with everything dear and precious and lost martyrs for Jerusalem and Palestine,” the official underscored. [oh, and thanks for entering the 1967 war so we could administer Judea and Samaria]  He called on the UN, the Arab League, the organization of the Islamic cooperation and the Jerusalem committee headed by Moroccan King Mohamed bin Al-Hasan to hasten to invite the international community to assume their responsibilities towards the Palestinian Islamic and Christian holy sites.

Besides laughing at this silly attempt to be a bully, first, I left this comment there and see Meryl:-

and notice that basically, this Kanaan fellow is simply repeating himself*:-
  • 15-Feb-2012

Royal committee condemns Israeli plans to storm Al Aqsa


AMMAN –– Secretary General of the Royal Committee for Jerusalem Affairs Abdullah Kanaan on Tuesday condemned Israeli plans to storm Al Aqsa Mosque, warning that the “de facto” policy Israel is pursuing will eventually fail. In a statement issued in response to a rally held by right-wing Jewish activists at the flashpoint site, the committee underlined that the “radical” transformations talking place in the Arab world must be employed for the benefit of the Palestinian cause and enable Palestinians to establish their independent state.

There are no plans to storm.  Relax.

Since Israel has reestablished united Jerusalem as its capital, there has been the most freedom of religion ever.

Let Jordan deal with its internal difficulties.  Israel is doing quite well in Jerusalem although I would appreciate some freedom of worship on the Temple Mount.


*  How it was in November:

Minister of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs Abdul Salam Abbadi denounced the decision taken by the Israeli municipality in Jerusalem to destroy Bab Al Magharbeh to resume the construction of a bridge leading to Al Aqsa Mosque...“Executing the Israeli plan would constitute a violation of Al Haram Al Sharif and the Islamic endowments [waqfs] in the Holy City of Jerusalem and would be in contravention of international laws and conventions,” said the statement...In a separate statement, the Royal Committee for Jerusalem Affairs (RCJA) also denounced the Israeli move.  RCJA Secretary General Abdullah Kanaan warned that the action is an attempt to Judaise the Holy City and change its historical and Islamic identity, noting that the bridge could be used for military purposes to break into Al Aqsa Mosque, Petra reported.

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