Friday, July 27, 2012

On a One-State Solution

Jaabari calls on Israel to end the occupation by imposing Israeli law on all parts of the land that it controls and naturalizing all its residents, as was accomplished by Israel's government in Jerusalem and the Golan through the Jerusalem Law in 1980.

As in the case of Arab residents of Jerusalem, Jaabari is calling for citizenship without the right to vote for Knesset. This could be the basis for a one state solution in which the demographic threat has been neutralized.



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NormanF said...

I haven't heard of any better alternative to the failed Oslo Accords.

The only thing that stops this sensible solution from getting off the ground is corrosive Jewish guilt and incessant hand-wringing!

The Arabs don't deserve to be handed a veto over the Land Of Israel! In the end, the fate of the country, as always, remains in the hands of the Jewish people themselves.