Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Syndicate Head Expects Israeli Attack

Yes, that's what it says:

The Jordan engineers syndicate condemned the Zionist threats to storm the Aqsa Mosque on the anniversary of the so-called “Destruction of the Temple”. The syndicate chairman, Abdullah Obeidat, said in a press statement on Sunday that during this year’s anniversary of the destruction of the temple, which will mark the twenty-ninth of July, the Aqsa mosque is expected to witness an intensive Zionist attack.

He added, “Some organizations are expected to encourage mass rallies, to be launched from all Zionist settlements, to roam the city of Jerusalem towards the Maghareba Gate and Al-Buraq Square and to break into the Aqsa under security protection”.

Obeidat championed a deterrent plan to stop the attacks on the Aqsa Mosque, noting that “the official, institutional and popular moves are not pointless but they are rather key factors.” He added that under the status quo after 1967 and the Treaty of Wadi Araba [that is, the Israel-Jordan Peace Treaty], signed with the Israeli government, the Jordanian government is the custodian of the Aqsa mosque and the holy sites in Jerusalem.


Actually, that's Jordan Engineering Association President Engineer Abdullah Obeidat.  And he is an Islamist.

More here, incendiary incitement:

Dozens of Jewish settlers stormed on Monday morning the holy Aqsa mosque led by Jewish rabbis who were explaining for the settlers about the Aqsa mosque according to the Talmudic vision.  [???}

Eyewitnesses reported that more than forty Jewish extremists stormed the Aqsa mosque, led by rabbis, while an Israeli military force, in uniform, entered the mosque from the Maghareba gate and roamed in its courtyards to provide protection for the settlers.

Jewish groups have been calling on their supporters to take part in the storming of the Aqsa Mosque on the anniversary of what they called “The destruction of the Temple”, which marks the twenty-ninth of this month, according to their claim.


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