Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Nahum Barnea Also Dabbles in Anti-Semitism

From Dror Eydar's Media Column at Israel Hayom:-

...In his column on Monday, Yedioth Ahronoth's senior political analyst, Nahum Barnea, used the various code words to fire-up his crowd...reiterat[ing] the same old line of attack that has been a mainstay of the Left since the days of Joseph Stalin — both at home and abroad: Take a swipe at the person and use malicious language against him rather than fight over ideology. How does Barnea and his gang view the world? Ever since the Israeli left realized that it had failed to win over the majority of Israelis, it has moved away from the people....Despite the painful blows history has dealt the Left, it has remained a religious cult whose members do not let the facts confuse them. 

Israel lacks a real dialogue between conservatives and liberals, between the Left and the Right; just as it does not have real dialogue between the religious and the secular. Whereas conservative, religious or right-wing Israelis evaluate the Left's arguments according to the changing reality, the Left has a adopted a blind and condescending approach that idealizes ignorance under the guise of intellectualism. 

A senior U.S. reporter was asked two days ago whether it was indeed true that the "fund-raising event has caused a stir in the U.S. media," as Barnea put it. The reporter was baffled by the question. Indeed the left-wing media outlets in the U.S. are in the tank for Obama, just like most of the Israeli media is anti-Netanyahu. This is the main thing we have to understand — political journalism has come at the expense of true journalism. 

Barnea even went so far as to use Israel's national poet, Chaim Nachman Bialik, to make his point. Alluding to one of Bialik's famous poems, "A Bird's Nest", Barnea said "two eggs are now in Sheldon's nest, among the trees, and each has a precious chick inside — Mitt and Bibi [referring to Romney and Netanyahu]."
"Both are fed from the same beak; they both view the same checkbook as their hope for political survival; this is a first in the relations between the two countries." 

So there you have the hollow left-wing condescending rhetoric in a nutshell. I have heard the same line of attack from Barnea impersonators in the media who say Netanyahu does not have his own opinions or that he lacks a coherent world view; or that he has no ideals or goals apart from pleasing fake patrons. The same applies to Mitt Romney, they say. 

The blind supporters of Barnea, an Israel Prize for Journalism laureate, should listen closely to his bad-mouthing: The person who might become the next leader of the free world cannot formulate his own opinions and is a puppet of a Jewish tycoon. So there we have it: a revised, current and contemporary edition of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.


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