Monday, July 30, 2012

Nisso Shaham's Body Parts

Seven years ago, Police Commander Nisso Shaham was caught on video during the disengagement instructing a border guard unit who were besieging anti-evacuation marchers at the Kfar Maimon moshav.  It was shown on Channel Two news and caused his removal from duties during the Disengagement.

His most memorable utterance was in authorizing police violence: 

"No problem whatsoever – batons, lower body parts if necessary. (Acknowledgement: "OK.")"

Hauntingly, someone has turned that now into a boomerang poster after Shaham was suspended, suspected of sexual harassment of policewomen,  at least 5 if not more although he claims it was with full consent.

Here's the poster:

And it reads:

There's a judge and judgment.

You wanted lower body parts?  You got 'em!!!


1 comment:

NormanF said...

I'm reminded that he who does evil to his fellows, his own evil is repaid to his face in kind!

Nisso Shaham's fall from grace is fitting judgment!