Friday, July 20, 2012

Are Y O U Ready?



A message from Yosef Rabin:

...everyone is deeply concerned about the sanctity of Har HaBayit and that everyone is going to use these 9 Days in a constructive manner. Together we shall turn this period from a time of ritualistic mourning to a time of true reflection. We will ask ourselves, “do we really want a Mikdash?”, and if we truly do want a Mikdash, what can we do to make it happen?
I wish everyone a very meaningful “9 Days” and let us work to ensure that this will be the last time we go through these rituals of mourning. Chazal set up this mourning period in reverse from the mourning of the deceased. For the deceased the mourning gradually eases up, but here it grows. Why? It’s very simple! We are not supposed to “get over” the Mikdash,we are supposed to build ourselves up to a point that we can no longer bear the mourning!

    והביאותים אל הר קדשי ושמחתים בבית תפלתי עולתיהם וזבחיהם לרצון על מזבחי כי ביתי בית תפלה יקרא לכל העמים (ישעיהו נו ז)   

In this passuk we have 4 distinct stages:

1.        והביאותים אל הר קדשי – This is the first stage is Aliyah to Har HaBayit, you cannot have a Beit HaMidkash if we do not ascend for how would we build it ( I am hoping no here actually believes that its going to fall down from the sky)

2.    ושמחתים בבית תפלתי – After the Jewish people have physically returned to the Har, the next stage is Tefilah. One cannot just jump straight to Korbanot, because of the prolonged exile our minds have become warped. Many of us truly believe that the Avoda, 40% of the mitzvoth had an expiration date and are now spoiled milk. So we have to take things slowly.

3.      עולתיהם וזבחיהם לרצון על מזבחי – Now that we have gone through the first two stages, we have returned to the Har and are using it as the spiritual center as we understand it through our currently distorted exile mentality, we can now begin to return the Avoda by the construction of a Mizbeyach in its proper place. As we know from the Rambam we can bring Korbanot even without a Mikdash standing.

4.     כי ביתי בית תפלה יקרא לכל העמים – Finally after having gone through these preparatory stages, we can now build the Mikdash and bring the light of Hashem into the world.

Already we are well into the first stage as thousands of Jews are ascending Har HaBayit in accordance with Halacha. Now perhaps the time has come for the second stage returning Tefilah to the Har.

Thank you,

Yosef Rabin

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